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Jack White buys first Elvis Presley recordings for $300,000

Jack White has been revealed as the buyer of the first pieces of music ever recorded by Elvis Presley.

While the identity of the buyer was kept secret at the time of the January sale, it has now been revealed that it was the White Stripes musician, who parted with $300,000 for the recordings.


Case Solution for The U.S. Postal Service: A First Class Disruption

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      The U.S. Postal Service: A First Class Disruption

Authors :           Allen H. Kupetz, Martin Suter… 200 more words


The First Dance

Photographing the first dance is a lot of fun. It’s the last main event that the photographer needs to capture so it’s usually home-time afterwards, which means you always want to finish the day with a bang! 269 more words


There's Controversy Over That Gay Teen Kiss On 'The Fosters' | The Huffington Post

So this is what it feels like to be accurately depicted on television. Granted I am no longer thirteen, but damn was I not the kid in the green shirt. 64 more words


First Time Mummy Tips from another First Time Mummy:

Below are a list of ten tips that I hope can help any first time mummies out there who need a Heads Up or Know How on life as a new mummy! 682 more words


Welcome to my wild and salacious world ....

… of sex, as I’m sure you would’ve have already guessed, my name is Ellie and I absolutely love sex. Well who in their right mind doesn’t? 23 more words


Beauty Pop

by Arai Kiyoko

Kirito Koshiba is an extremely talented, but also super lazy hair stylist. Meanwhile, three popular guys started “Scissors Project” at the school where they pick certain girls and put on a show to beautify them. 127 more words