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watched channel first .

شاهدت القناة الأولى.

Shahadtu alkanat luwla.


Hello everyone, welcome to my first blog!

Let me introduce myself, My English name is Emily Cheung and my Chinese name is 張綺琪 (Cheung Yee Kei). 215 more words


Is this really happening?

I’m doing it. I’m making a blog. I keep thinking to myself how cool it is to see other people writing about their experiences and sharing their thoughts for others to be inspired by. 424 more words


24 you have been great...

I am that person who loves a new start. Every Monday is a new week where new things could happen, every month is a new challenge, I love new years goals,  and every birthday I like to look forward and think about what’s next and what I would like that year to look like. 905 more words


The Same 4 Dudes Have Gotten Colorado's First Chair Since 1996

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Some snowboarder dude name Nate Dogggg has made it his mission to wait untold hours to get Colorado’s first chair for the past 21 seasons. 314 more words


My First Official Project: #completed

Projects are fun, they provide a steep learning curve, you learn how to work in a team and how to contribute, solve problems. That’s what I used to think. 787 more words

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