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My First OwlCrate Box!!! ♥

I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL MY OWLCRATE BOX FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE!!! I LOVE IT AND IT’S JUST SO ASDFGHJKL!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ down below is a short video of the box and also some pictures that I took so you all can get more information on what was inside ☺ 452 more words

This Plane Just Circumnavigated the Globe Without a Single Drop of Fuel

© Solar Impulse

After 23 days of flight and over 43,041 km travelled, the Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) has completed a historic mission, completing the world’s first, around-the-globe solar flight without using a single drop of fuel.

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Hillary Clinton won a presidential nomination -- These newspapers ran front-page photos of her husband

Fusion’s Kelsey McKinney noticed something important about today’s newspapers that heralded the historic moment of a woman winning a presidential nomination. A lot of them used a picture not of Hillary — but her husband.

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My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0

A fascinating introduction to maps, atlases, and our world, My First Amazing World Explorer incorporates two new educational games and more information into the award-winning original title. 32 more words

LOOK: Norway Engineered The World's First Floating Underwater Tunnels! AMAZING!

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If you ever wondered how sky-high highways are built and the thought of it leaves you in awe, wait until you see these underwater tunnels! 16 more words

First of many firsts

Here begins my first blog post.

Well sort of.

My hope that this will last longer than a couple posts before I decide I need change in my life, before I decide that 5 minutes of my day is way to much to be typing about my feelings, before I decide that this was a dumb idea to start. 1,051 more words