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Starving Billionaires

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What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object? Global Collapse Disorder & Destruction of the World’s Economic System
“Sooner or later we will all have to sit down to a banquet of consequences.” – Robert Louis Stevenson… 2,227 more words

flashback: Poor Face Most Pain As Automatic Budget Cuts Take Effect ...

The $85 billion in automatic cuts working their way through the federal budget spare many programs that aid the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program and food stamps.

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Low Income housing programs will be hit particularly hard

Republican and Democratic lawmakers largely resigned themselves to allowing sequestration — a policy meant to force them to the negotiating table, not to actually reduce the deficit…


Budget Cuts

This bleak picture is about to get worse

While 140,000 fewer low-income families will receive vouchers by early 2014—increasing the risk of homelessness for many families already deemed at-risk—there will simultaneously be cuts in federal funding that enables communities to assist homeless people.



Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years

“These kinds of cuts are really unprecedented,” Rice told me. “The Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years—it was created during the Nixon Administration and has had strong, bipartisan support for its entire history. 28 more words


The Economy and Its Problems

A new Pew Research Center reports the median income for the American households in 2009 was 52,195.00 dollars. Last year the median income fell by 4.1% to 50, 055.00 dollars. 398 more words

Is The United States Fiscal Cliff Enough to Nudge China Over A Political One?

Well, we just went through a rather ugly presidential election. Over $2 billion were spent on campaign advertisements; most of them attack ads on one another. 620 more words