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Financing Government Deficits with Money

In an earlier post, I described the budget constraint faced by the federal government. Here I want to point out how a deficit can lead to inflation. 495 more words

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The Government Budget Constraint

My last post reported on the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of the federal government budget showing unprecedented increases in the ratio of government debt to GDP. 412 more words

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The Latest CBO Long-Term Budget Outlook

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is the research shop for Congress. It is their job to provide an analysis of many economic issues and one such task is the budget outlook. 278 more words

Fiscal Policy

Budget fight drags on as observers groan at result

When PJ O’Rourke submitted Thrown under the Omnibus to his editor the author couldn’t have known he was forecasting a bit of jargon that would be used years later in a different context. 775 more words


Plenty not to like about the transportation bill

Now that that’s dead, the agency plans to go about systematically cutting up to 17 percent of its service hours over the next two years. Just think about that. 7 more words


Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years

“These kinds of cuts are really unprecedented,” Rice told me. “The Section 8 voucher program has been around for nearly 40 years—it was created during the Nixon Administration and has had strong, bipartisan support for its entire history. 28 more words


The Iron Throne Of Westeros Is Heading Toward The Fiscal Cliff

As Winter Arrives, One Group Could Save The Iron Throne From Plunging Further Into Chaos

It seems the incestuous Queen Regent of the Iron Throne knows more about wine and sexually pleasing her brother than she does about economics. 459 more words