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The U.S. Tax-Income Ratio

I recently saw a news report about federal government tax receipts and I began to wonder what trends, if any, have been present in the public’s support of government as measured by its tax payments. 418 more words

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Illinois' Financial Crisis Could Bring The State To A Halt If Lawmakers Don't Make A Deal Tonight

It’s no secret that Illinois has been in fiscal free fall for decades, but now the state’s budget crisis has reached a new nadir as lawmakers duke it out over a budget… 544 more words

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Portland City Council gives final OK to budget that includes several cuts

After five months of work, Portland City Council finally put to bed the 2013-14 budget Thursday afternoon. The budget, which comes in at $16 million less for the city than the one before it, represents hundreds of lost positions and reduced funding to several programs.

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Sequester cuts hit tuition for soldiers, aid for homeless veterans ...

The $85 billion in cuts that went into effect at the beginning of the month will not spare soldiers and veterans, with a wave of cuts being announced for tuition assistance and a program that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet.

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unemployment leading to homelessness

The report illustrates the levels of homelessness at state and national levels, and issues connected to homelessness including severe housing cost burdens, residents doubling up, unemployment leading to homelessness, and rates of foreclosure. 12 more words

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Looming federal budget cuts creating worries in Lehigh Valley

But with Washington policy makers at loggerheads in the run-up to the November election, there is growing fear that Congress will not be able to stop the… 26 more words

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economic indicators that cause homelessness

“We looked at economic indicators that cause homelessness, and those are getting worse,” she elaborated. “Since the stimulus money is running out, there are reductions that may lead to decreases in the homeless prevention system. 14 more words

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