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Why fiscal conservatives should care about abortion rights

One reason to care is that abortion providers get taxpayer funds. Consider this report on Planned Parenthood funding, which was reported by Life News. 410 more words


Fiscal Conservatism is Social Conservatism, You Can't Separate Them

President Eisenhower described himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. A lot of younger conservatives do that today. The difference of course was that Eisenhower was saying that in a far different era, a decade in which economic conditions were far different than today. 848 more words

Fiscal Conservatism

GOP congressman: Tax hike needed for roads, bridges

Here it goes!

GOP congressman: Tax hike needed for roads, bridges.

Does it ever occur to these politicians that drivers, who are the ones who pay the gas tax, would be more willing to pay that tax if the money actually went to highways and roads instead of commuter rail, bike paths and busses? 124 more words


How our chief executives can get a handle on spending

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

Federal spending has exploded in recent years, with our national debt climbing past $18.1 trillion as 2015 dawned. State spending in Mississippi has also climbed, with a debt amounting to more than $15 billion. 768 more words


"GOP Struggles With Phony Deficit Pretense": Literally The Same People Who Ignored The Deficit In The Previous Decade

The perception of the Republican Party as the anti-deficit party used to be 100% true. A couple of generations ago, the GOP actually saw the deficit as a legitimate concern, and shaped their policy agenda accordingly. 541 more words


Another Obamacare Flaw: Can't Even Meet It's Own Cost Projection

Obamacare, man. Can’t get a damn thing right. Expected to cost such and such amount of money, can’t even reach that number.

The major components of Obamacare through the end of the decade are projected to be 20 percent cheaper than first estimated, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

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