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The Golden Fleece

Back in the 1970’s a bunch of Senators started a thing called the Golden Fleece Award….it was an award given for the best governmental waste of taxpayer money…..one of the most popular and enduring icons of American politics, Senator William Proxmire’s Golden Fleece Award embodied both outrage and humor as it put the public spotlight on waste and abuse of taxpayer money. 428 more words


The Beast of the East

This weekend the data released
By China showed growth had decreased
Investment has slowed
And that doesn’t bode
Too well for the Beast of the East… 652 more words

The Second Social Security Crisis

If you did man-on-the-street interviews across America and asked people about Social Security, I suspect most of them would have some degree of understanding about the… 755 more words

Fiscal Policy

Protecting Taxpayers with Supermajority Requirements

The best budget rule in the United States is Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Known as TABOR, this provision in the state’s constitution says revenues can’t grow faster than population plus inflation. 930 more words

Fiscal Policy

Universal Basic Income is not for Everyone!

UBI reminds me of a Malayalam movie called Guruji Oru Vakku(1985). The movie starts when Guruji hands three of his mentees 10,000 rupees each. In return, the mentor wants them to come back in a year, return the loan and share their experiences – what they gained and lost with that money. 2,412 more words


Corporations Are Investing In Stock Buybacks That Don’t Pay

The Trump tax cuts were supposed to trigger a boom in business investment and wage growth. Instead, corporations are plowing record amounts of money into stock buybacks that don’t even reliably increase their share prices. 8 more words

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