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Of moose and men

If a moose dies in the center of Alaska’s urban heartland….

Well, suffice to say, it’s not the same as if one of the big ungulates wanders into the… 778 more words


Who got your fish?

For decades now, Cook Inlet fishermen of all stripes have been feuding bitterly over shares of the annual return of sockeye salmon, and now comes an indication that all that time they were getting collectively ripped off by another fishery. 698 more words


Rural round-up

Stranded cows surfed to survival –¬†Charlotte Shipman:

A geologist says the cows stranded on a quake island likely “surfed” the land as it crumbled around them. 600 more words


Counting big salmon

Once more the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is suggesting a lowering of the spawning goal for late-run Kenai River king salmon, the most revered fish in Alaska. 996 more words


Claw Targets Mega Yacht

This photo was sent to the WIA along with a note from the Claw stating that the organization would begin to target fishing company owners unless they reduce their catch loads immediately. 63 more words