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Hot Pot

Made for spicy and normal, but they are both normal because someone in my family can’t eat spicy food.


Birthday Hot Pot

Hot pot is a style of cooking that originated in Mongolia, China. Due to Japanese influence, we now have the popular sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. It consists of a simmering pot of stock at the center of the dining table; ingredients are gathered round the simmering pot, and thinly sliced beef sirloin or pork belly, noodles, seafoods and leafy vegetables are cooked at the table, and eaten with a dipping sauce during wintertime. 872 more words


Meatballs: the Non-Italian Kind

In many Asian supermarkets, you can find all sorts of “meatballs” – fish balls, beef balls, lobster balls…The Asian type is nothing like an Italian meatball you can find on top of spaghetti or like the Swedish ones with cream sauce. 202 more words


Cheung Chau Revisited

With some time to finally spare and some university friends in town, I have an excuse to force myself out of the house and go on another adventure. 796 more words

Hong Kong

Lottey Fish Muithya & Curry

Lottey or Nihari, the very soft-fiber fish is inexpensive but tasty fish. There is only a soft centre bone and once deep fried there is no chance that the bones would hurt your throat. 240 more words

Bengali Food

Eating and drinking cheaply in Hong Kong

To be honest, I can be a pretty extravagant spender. With nice coffee, three full meals out and a couple craft beers at a hipster bar, it is not unusual for me to go through hundreds of HK dollars in one day. 302 more words

Life In Hong Kong