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Spaghetti with fish balls in Tomato-Wine sauce – Yummy!

I decided to cook spaghetti for lunch but in the absence of ground beef I substituted what I had in the freezer – fish balls. The result was a light and tasty spaghetti that paired well with rose’ wine. 151 more words

Cocktail Drinks & Distilled Spirit

A quick stroll in Hong Kong

This is going to be short, just like our time in Hong Kong. In our three days, we didn’t have time for anything adventurous, we barely covered enough tourist sights to fill one page of a brochure. 837 more words

8th March 2014: Fish ball tagine, with chermoula vegetables and couscous

I like food that comes in balls. Meatballs, in a tomato sauce with melted mozzarella, yum. A sweet and sour pork ball. A kofta curry. Or stretched into a kebab. 258 more words


12 recipes challenge
2 out of 12 completed
February ddeokbokee

I actually made two new recipes this month but one that was really easy and quick to make was a Korean snack called, 168 more words

Steamed Fish Balls




600g tofu fish meat

25g salt

80g chopped fatty meat

1 stalk spring onion (chopped)

¼ slice dried tangerine peel (finely cut) 116 more words

Chinese Cuisine

Seafood Laksa

Mmmmm…. soupy, noodly, seafoody goodness. Such a simple dish, yet with such strong flavours, it can send you into a chilli inspired, food coma. This humble Malaysian dish, is famous the world over, with so many variations out there, you can even buy premade laksa base from your local supermarket these days, though in itself, it doesn’t take that long to actually make the paste yourself, with a little knife skill and a blender, you can quickly make something quite rewarding and tasty for your guests, since let’s face it, no one really makes a portion for one. 490 more words


Fish Ball Udon Noodle Soup (魚蛋烏冬)

I make noodle soup quite often for lunch on weekends. It’s quick and easy so that we can move on and do other fun things! For presentation sake, I put these noodles in my new fancy bowl, but to be honest, I usually use a big Pyrex glass mixing bowl so that I can fit everything along with tons of soup to slurp up the noodles with. 198 more words