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Super Bowl Binge-worthy Alternatives: Puppies, Zombies, Kardashians, Marathons

Viewers who have no interest in a Super Bowl showdown between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons but feel the need to share in the excessive-TV-viewing experience this Sunday have a wealth of options from which to choose this year. 326 more words

Breaking News

A Dish In a Bowl of Fish

I have to bring my Shubunkins in for the winter.

They live in a small pond that I made years ago as “Maiden Stone Garden Art” concrete artist. 155 more words

Not a morning person

. . . although Husband’s not much of an afternoon or evening person either; but this hit him a bit early, when he was still occupying the sub-human category. 114 more words

Hunka Husband

Recycling - Old Pot into New Fish Keeping Pot

I made a colorful fish Pot for my gold fish, out of old used glass pot.

Generally we get the bowl or tank from the market while getting fish. 132 more words

Random Stuffs

A short report on my agile experimental talk

Last week I asked the community for help on designing an agile talk rather than a talk on agile .

If you don’t want to read the full article here’s the TLDR: Can we embed the agile values in the format of a beginners talk so that people will learn by breathing them rather than hearing about them? 729 more words

Lean Software Development

Marimo Bowl Setup

Ok… It appears that I screwed up somewhere… This was supposed to have been posted BEFORE the Marimo Completed post. *sigh* Although the schedule date was set right the fact that I must have clicked ‘Save’ and not the ‘Schedule’ means I dun did an ‘Oopsie’. 575 more words

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