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Fish & Chips - Fried Vs. Baked

This past week, the family was reminiscing about a recent trip to Canada, which made my husband crave the fish & chips we had there. We went to a little hole-in-the-wall chippie place in Ontario and it was glorious. 561 more words

Weight Loss

St. Ives

After a 9 hour drive (during which I listened to musicals through my earphones and serenaded my Mum, brother, aunty and granddad, probably driving them all crazy) we finally arrived in St. 272 more words


food: london

Here is my definitive statement about food in London: You must seek it out. New York City is one of those places where you can just happen to be in the West Village and arbitrarily wander into a gem; you’ll have such an amazing meal you leave thinking “how have I never heard of this place!?”. 2,161 more words


Part 2: Sandy Beach of Adelaide & the Square City

Sunday Aug 9, 2015 – I ran for a quick shopping at Coles supermarket which was just a walking distance from our house, buying some groceries for my friends as well as my wants – strawberries, milk (it was so cheap 1L at ~$1, imagining how healthy I am if I were here, drinking fresh milk every morning) and not to miss the Australian Chocolates and biscuits (Pods, Mars, Snickers and TimTam). 649 more words

Friend Trip

We deserve a day out

After weeks of hard work on the allotment and in our garden, we decided to have a day out. Matlock bath is always a lovely place to visit and it’s on our doorstep. 119 more words

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

As Nat King Cole sang in 1963 – a merry song with carefree lyrics. The mood of his song catches my mood just now. These recent warm and breezy days of the English summer are soothing I find, a bit nostalgic. 184 more words

Tuna Sashimi Recipe!

Fresh Tuna Sashimi. Not an easy thing to find in BA. And after several years of not finding it you have to make a choice. Either stop moaning or do something about it. 165 more words

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