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Fish Taco Lives

Hi all,

I much prefer the soft taco to the hard shell.

The only thing this taco was missing: More Sour Cream and Cheese.

I’m pretty sure the fish is cod, but I could be wrong.

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Fishy Rice

Hi all,

To get that protein you need, look to the halibut.  But beware, the fishy odor it produces when cooked takes some getting used to. 13 more words

Halibut and Green Beans

Hi all,

I wanted to try baking the fish this time in order to get the skin a little crispier.

I poured about half a cup of avocado oil over the beans and fish in a pan.   41 more words

Paprika Herring with Dill

Hi all,

Time for some delicious fish!

I’ve eaten alot of fish, some good, some bad, but I must say I like herring.  Although the fishy smell is strong, it’s quite flavorful.

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The Proper Fish Food That Keeps Your Aquarium Lively

You may be having a fish aquarium in your house. The most necessary thing that is required is the proper Fish food that you must give your fishes so that they remain healthy and live for long. 214 more words

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