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Scottish Smoked Salmon | Wild Smoked Salmon In UK - Ecaviar

The Finest, Luxury Buy Scottish Smoked Salmon with a wonderful mild smoke flavour, the salmon is produced using age-old traditional Smoking methods in original London brick kilns. 157 more words

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Showdown at Heaven's Corral Part 2

Welcome to the show, everybody. Yes believe it or not, we have a part 2 follow up. And that follow up is going to be dealing with Trump’s visit to Japan while he undoubtedly embarrasses us in front our of our Asian friends. 3,136 more words


CAS Update-Fish Pellet

Setelah percobaan pertama beberapa minggu lalu, kita sudah mencoba membuat pellet ikan setiap minggu pada hari jumaat. Tetapi cara kita membuat pellet tersebut belum konsisten. Jumlah makanan yang kita pakai pada saat membuat pellet masih acak, kadang box makanan sisa penuh dan kadang box makanan itu kosong. 228 more words

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Making Fish Pellets Using Leftover Food

Fish pellets are often made from various ingredients. Some even has nutrients for the fishes. Surprisingly, we can make our own fish pellets using leftover food as our main ingredient. 243 more words

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The alarm went off at silly o’clock as we had a long journey to today’s swim. I blundered around getting ready before going to the peaceful breakfast room. 242 more words

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