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Heart Creek Bridge Nearing Completion

Excerpt from the Arrow Lakes News

Reprinted with their Kind Permission
Illustrated by my own Photos

In a previous issue of Arrow Lakes News, it was stated that the collapse of the highway was not a technical issue. 285 more words


Reefs in the Great Lakes

The Tangled Food Web

To understand Great Lakes reefs, you first have to take a look at the recent history of fisheries and food webs on Lake Michigan. 1,359 more words

Food Webs

New advice to benefit muskies and pike

I was fishing on a northern Wisconsin lake, and had just casted my Mepps spinner too far onto the bank. As I thrashed my lure back out through the sedges in water less than a foot deep, the glassy surface erupted. 529 more words

Michigan Lakes Research

Customized Artificial Fish Habitat for Enormous Fishing Opportunities

Why Fish Habitats Have a Great Role in the Fish Growth

Like all living creatures, fishes also need a healthy living space or habitat to grow, survive and breed. 359 more words

Fish Attractor

The Many Benefits of Artificial Fish Attractors

Over-development has been impacted us in a number of ways and the loss of natural habitat is the most significant one from them. This problem has not only changed the face of the land itself, but has also caused some serious problems for the fish world. 304 more words

Fish Attractor

Heart Creek Culvert in Fauquier Soon to be Replaced by a Bridge

Fish Enhancement Project on Heart Creek in Fauquier Gets Go-ahead

by Jan McMurray Reprinted with kind permission by http://www.valleyvoice.ca

A project to eliminate a fish barrier at the mouth of Heart Creek in Fauquier is a go for this year. 342 more words


Tips to Create a Perfect Environment for Tropical Fish Breeding

Whether you are professional or a novice, we don’t have to tell you that a successful fish production is about as natural event as you can get. 365 more words

Fish Attractor