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Trauma, of Both the Minor and Major Varieties

211: Vengeance is Mine

This was a fun one! There were so many great medical moments and hilarious lines that it is no coincidence that this episode was written by Herself, Diana Gabaldon. 1,238 more words

Season 2

Weight Centered Jigs - WC

These jigs are commonly referred to as swimmer heads or slow fall jigs, have come of age as the preferred jig when used for casting, drifting or long lining over bottom. 570 more words

Fishing TIPS

How to Use Top Water Lures

Many species are a blast to catch using topwater lures, but northern pike frequently charge baits with an unbridled aggression that are fascinating. Willing participants, pike are often eager to take a bait off the water’s surface because the presentation appears to them to be an easy meal. 649 more words


Troop Meeting Idea: Removing a fish hook

Boy Scout books have described ways to remove fish hooks from fingers since the early days of scouting.  But there is no better way to learn how than to actually do it. 107 more words

Troop Meeting Ideas

Holy Cow, My Cheekbones, Y'all

Fish-hook with A from acro tonight.

Denis got his straddle inversion on Lyra today. Also bird’s nest. 94 more words


April 10th International Safety Pin Day

Can you imagine a world without safety pins!?! Well, for thousands and thousands of years, man knew nothing about the safety pin.  The Greeks did invent a brooch but it did not have a safety clasp on it for the pin to be secured in so it doesn’t count.  196 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Arms of Leimen, Germany

Granted 1981

Blazon: Per quarterly, I or a lion rampant sable, langued gules, II azure a fleur-de-lis argent (from the arms of St. Ilgen), III azure a fishhook argent open to the dexter (from Gauangelloch); IV argent a bunch of grapes palewise to the chief slipped and leaved proper (from the arms of Leimen before 1973)