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03.04.13 Ghosts and Periwinkles

I’m just back from my morning walk with the dogs. Yet again April has blessed us with a magical day, white frost underfoot accompanied by glorious sunshine. 646 more words

Susan Campbell

01.04.13. A lost dog and the odd French knot

Whew – that sums up the weekend, now moving swiftly on…………….

But actually, life did not grind to a halt, and had its usual exciting moments, its highs and lows: Including a very scary low. 1,062 more words

Susan Campbell

29.03.13 - Hot Cross Buns and Schools of Family

Good Friday, warm hot cross buns for breakfast; and a thought on this day for all mothers that have lost children; sadly, I know several and I know they carry a grief that, even many years after the event, overwhelms; it is a grief that can never be comforted…………………. 655 more words

Susan Campbell

27.03.13 - Enough water for minnows...

First of all I apologise for not yet answering your comments and questions, no excuses, but I don’t actually know how! But my personal computer expert ( 697 more words

Susan Campbell

26.03.13 Blooms inside and out

The sun is shining! Yes, really shining! For proof see the shadows on the shoot barn!

But the wind is still biting. The park looks wonderful bathed in sunlight, the snowdrops are not only hanging on, some are positively blooming, daffodils and wood anemones are just poking through, so there is hope that spring will come soon. 511 more words

Susan Campbell

25.03.13 - More Fish and an Alarming Habit...

A hectic 24hrs, who’d have thought that a country bumpkin like me could get to be so busy? And does the word bumpkin derive from Pumpkin? 669 more words

Susan Campbell

21.03.13 - Rollers and an Idol


I woke very early – it’s an exciting day ahead!

Dressed and, because of my exciting day, decided my hair needed a bit of uplift just at the front. 619 more words

Susan Campbell