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Strange days, indeed

It’s difficult to gauge the measurable effect of Donald Trump’s recent election win on the natural world as 30 centimeters of wet snow descended on Moncton nearly a month before the official start of winter. 568 more words


Effects of Oil Spills on Land

Photo by : CBC (2012)

When an oil spill occurs on land, it prevents the absorption of water by the soil, as we know water and oil is immiscible,oil spills on agricultural locations and grasslands have the effect of choking off plant life. 313 more words

Economic Effects of Oil Spills

Apart from revenue from oil and gas, Trinidad also depends heavily on Tourism.After an oil spill, high economic loss is experienced by persons dependent on coastal resources, clean up activities is also very costly. 383 more words

Effects of Oil Spill on Wildlife and Habitat

In 2010, The Deepwater Horizon which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico was the biggest oil spill recorded in history. It left huge footprints on the environment. 487 more words

First blog post : Introduction

Hi , My name is Tariq Ali and I am currently a year one Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology student at the University of the West Indies. 273 more words

No. 3: Nutrient pollution (a.k.a. too much poop) is terrible for Florida's ecosystems

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you don’t read this whole post (it’s ok, I don’t blame you), you’ll miss something super important – if you are in Martin or St. 1,154 more words

Florida's Environmental Woes