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the first fish on the moon

Oh to be a wobbegong
hiding underneath
a warm sea,
well camouflaged and resting
until it’s time
for her tea.
Or to be a coelacanth… 58 more words


We voted this morning

“I’m almost surprised you’re letting me take her,” Harry said to Cam after handing his wife into the carriage.

“Oh, we voted this morning, and it was a unanimous decision,” his brother-in-law replied in a matter-of-fact tone. 80 more words


Reason why Being a Fish Out of Water is Awesome

How many of you are tired of accepting that you’re single. It pains you to know that all this while you have been a fish out of water. 627 more words


The Perpetually-Recycled TV/Movie Theme

If it seems like there is almost nothing original or even interesting on television these days, you’re probably right. Back in 1992, Bruce Springsteen released a song called… 1,686 more words


The Hair is Still a Problem

Why does a hair style seem like such a big deal? I try to keep things in perspective, especially things that are only about how I look. 710 more words

Expat Life

T' Education System

They were sat around the table, staring at their phones. I wanted to say something, say anything to break the silence. I wanted to smash that silence into a million pieces and stop it clawing at my throat. 1,103 more words

Short Stories

WWW Wednesday- 29/11/17

Can you believe that this is the last Wednesday of November? One of the last days of November in fact? I for one can’t believe that December (and Christmas :)) are just around the corner. 270 more words

WWW Wednesday