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A fish out of water...

Have you ever felt like you were the odd one out? Maybe you were an extra piece of a puzzle that didn’t fit? Or maybe that something you were going through made you completely stick out like a sore thumb? 229 more words

Robert = Bright Flame

fish out of water a difficult state

socially graceless whom few tolerate

sudden my glare in a worn-out dark room

like a white light brightens up a black tomb… 73 more words


A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Even if David Lynch had never sucked you into the world of Eraserhead, so horrified and so fascinated, you still might have recognized that feeling again as you surrendered to the uncomfortable seduction of A Girl Walks Home; this film feels so wholly immersive and shot through with fidelity that surrendering to it’s continuity is almost as pleasurable as being shocked by an James Dean-esque Iranian Bad Seed Protagonist stealing a house cat, almost as pleasurable as rooting for a female vampire, wearing a chador who doesn’t just walk at night, she also commutes between her badassery on a stolen skateboard, almost as pleasurable as getting lost in a love story where the characters love with their record and cassette collections more than their families.  54 more words

Every now and then you wish you could change things

Today is one of the days I would change in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

I will be going from this…

 ….to this…. 209 more words


House Hunters

“Let things come to you.” – a Yogi tea bag

Years ago when I was white water rafting in Calaveras County, California, I noticed that there were times on the river when you needed to row as hard as you could (“Forward!”) and times when you needed to just lay your paddle across your lap and let the river carry you along (“Rest!”) Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, action or non-action, could lead to disaster. 1,171 more words

Anchovy Buttah

Add anchovies to most anything, in moderation, and it will taste better.
~Jay McInerney

Such an unheralded adjunct — savory salty seraphic stuff. (Remember, it is so… 117 more words


Chapter Twelve - Through the Forest

The journey through the forest was mostly uneventful. The party was too large and well armed for ordinary monsters to bother.

Twice the column was attacked by a strange green pig creature, similar to a boar but with more elephantine tusks. 1,395 more words