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Considering Westlake: The Jugger

When Parker learns that his pal Joe Sheer is in trouble, he does what any good coworker does: He books a ticket to the Podunk town where the retired jugger (slang for a bank robber) has decided to spend his golden years. 2,028 more words



The plot of the fish out of water, someone from one culture or world suddenly dropped into another, is a classic that often leads to funny results. 496 more words

GloPoWriMo: Day 5


Of course the skin of water

is smooth,

before the trout breaks the surface to fly

out for a moment to see

what the dry world looks like through spheres built for the refraction… 142 more words



Xenoglossophobia is a long, complex word that means “afraid.” Okay, it’s a specific fear, but essentially it boils down to simply ‘fear’. It is anxiety associated with learning or using a second language. 459 more words


Chapter - Itself

The breeze off the sea is blowing hard across the harbour as my small travel case is launched down onto the rickety blue pier of Knapley Bay. 3,565 more words

Fiction Writing

Sing along to Doubt

Here is the score with singing parts for the first song on the new album fish out of water to give you and your friends or choir partners the chance to sing the three harmonised parts on this track for yourself. 42 more words