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Fish pie – a pie containing fish

I know its crazy but I can’t help it to write about an amazing fish pie recipe we tried. 484 more words

April Easter Magazine

I’m so excited to announce my very first blog magazine!

This is my Easter Weekend Collection and hope you will download it and have a good read. 17 more words


Diary of a broken Eve 0.5

It was Monday and the ward was as usual, busy. Patients were being jostled in and out and the doctors gave preference to the urgent ones first then the less urgent ones in that manner. 772 more words

Fish Pie

I need to brush up on my food presentation technique and buy plain plates, but I think the photograph gives the general idea.  It’s fish pie with peas, sweetcorn, onions, mushrooms and dill in the sauce. 179 more words


Time to Sit

I’m having a rest now and feeling virtuous. This really should be the action of a man who has filled his day with industry and is now taking a well-earned rest after a hectic day of cooking, shopping, polishing, dusting, hoovering, gardening… 183 more words

Fish Pie: A Gift from the Motherland

Spain gave Argentina more than a language and unibrows; it gave us fish pie. The real name of the dish is ‘empanada gallega,’ or ‘Galician empanada,’ owing to its origins in Spain’s Galicia region, a place from which Argentina welcomed many immigrants, including my grandmother. 992 more words


The Family Fish Pie

I hated Fish Pie growing up. On the days that I came home from school, tired after an hour long bus ride on bumpy country roads, and smelled a fish pie baking as soon as I walked in the door…my stomach turned. 705 more words

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