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Yep. I can grow a jungle!

Unfortunately, Ted has to deforest it once it starts taking over the flower bed and sidewalk!

Poor guy…

That project that started with the backhoe project… 22 more words

Know Your Farmer

A new project...

…is going right here in front of the front porch!

On a side note, I have added “Get a backhoe” to the list of things I really really REALLY want! 10 more words

Know Your Farmer

The Way It Used To Be

This was our fish pond a few years ago.  Haven’t been down to look at it lately, but the last time I was there these fish were gone.  709 more words

Too Many Toads

As I was walking my morning rounds on Thursday to inspect the gardens,

I spied two toads locked in an embrace on the rocks outside the pond. 369 more words

Troubleshooting Fish Systems

Many of the fish issues we see at Aquatic Veterinary Service condense down to one thing: ineffective husbandry. Most of the time, it is not the owners fault and they receive false information from many conflicting sources. 642 more words

Fish Vet

I Can't Count That High

Another rainy day here in the Ohio Valley, and in the entire Tri-State area from the looks of it.  Not sure how many of these we’ve had, but it would be easier to count the days we’ve seen some sunshine.  128 more words