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Buddha and the Fish

On Saturday we went to Home Goods looking for a mortar and pestle, which we found. We also came home with Buddha, which we put above the waterfall. Feeding the fish breadcrumbs.


Nests for Oscar the Squirrel

The English Class first graders have a class mascot, Oscar the squirrel. Oscar hangs out in the evergreen tree near the fish pond where the first graders meet for their morning circle. 122 more words

Education In Pori, Finland

H2O ~ WP Photo Challenge

I love taking photos of water. It’s “that photo” I am always trying to capture.

“Water never waits. It changes shape and floes around things, and finds the secret paths no one else thought about __ the tiny hole through the roof or the bottom of a box.

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Working on the Bubbling Urn 10-3-2016

I came out to view the ponds on my normal morning walk around, carrying my bucket of fish pellets to throw to the fish. This is usually the first thing I do after waking, showering and starting my day. 1,108 more words


Gardening with Wildlife

Too Much Talking.

Late one summer evening, just after lights went off and sleep called, a conversation kicked up outside at the fish pond.  One creature chattered to another, another interjected with a short comment, the first creature answered, and then the group began moving rocks around.   480 more words

While I Was Gardening . . .