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I am very fond of Vietnamese food, and this is my take on grilled chicken thighs inspired by that cuisine. I took a few liberties with classic versions, by using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce, and omitting garlic, which is always present.   415 more words


Prawn & Lime Stirfry

So… full disclosure, we’re rehashing an old recipe here: lime and prawn stirfry AKA fish poop stirfry AKA prawn and prejudice was one of our earliest posts. 310 more words


Pesang Sea Bass "Ginger Stewed Sea Bass"

As hubby continue to regain his mojo back, he  really longs for the native, soupy dishes from our country but with some change, from being Kapampangan to Tagalog. 339 more words


Spicy Beef Noodle (bún bò)

Hue is one of many beautiful travel spots in the Central region of Vietnam for it’s a world’s cultural heritage and food culture. If Southern Vietnamese food is with a sweeter taste, while the Northern food is a bit plain and salty, Hue’s food or the Central Vietnamese food is on the other hand well-known for being very salted and spicy. 243 more words


Kingfish Sinigang sa Bayabas (Guavas)

As hubby is recuperating he seems to be requesting a lot of our native Filipino dishes  like this Sinigang sa Bayabas, using kingfish this time, the key is for you to add a piece of pounded ginger and lemon grass if you have.. 216 more words


Sweet lemon Chicken and rice 

Here’s a quick meal that I made with the previous smoke roasted chicken.

Measured by eye, corn , peas, fish sauce, lemon sauce, soy sauce. Prepared rice added , add a slight amount of broth steam, covered for several minutes serve.


Pad Thai from Scratch

Pad Thai is one of those dishes that is ubiquitous at most asian restaurants, regardless of whether they’re Thai or not, and is relatively decent everywhere you go. 1,087 more words