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Contributions from Fellow Aquarists

Nick Guitard’s masterpiece! 15 gallon Flex

Malawi Planted tank. “Proof it’s possible!”

James’ jungle! 75 gallons.

Java Fern is clearly not to a Mbuna’s desired palate!

FIsh Spotlight

Medusa Galaxy Guppies

It took me awhile to find this strain.  A definite classic galaxy delta strain from the past only new and improved for today’s more strict and high expections amongst judges today.  107 more words

FIsh Spotlight

Red Chili Mosaic "DUMBOS"

I am usually not one for the newer “Dumbos” and “Halfmoon” tailed guppies coming out of Asia but I did make an exception for this one.  100 more words

FIsh Spotlight

Past Works

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First attempt at an Iwagumi setup.

Mostly green with a touch of reds and yellow.

More Colours!

Neon Jungle ! … 48 more words

FIsh Spotlight

Purple Moscow Guppies

Just an update on my stock here.  This is still the line of Purple Moscow that I have been working on for about 5 years or so now.   111 more words

FIsh Spotlight