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The Roller-coaster That Is Reef Keeping

In The beginning

The beginning of your journey into a saltwater aquarium is filled with both nerves, worry and excitement.

You will start researching and have grand plans about what you want your tank to look like, what you want to inhabit it & you will dream of what the end product will be. 1,009 more words


Are Clownfish Over-rated As Pets?

Whatever forum you read, whichever video you watch, you will find the Clownfish recommended as a great tank inhabitant, but is that really the case? … 802 more words


Guest Blog - Chanelle Irish

I have a passion for marine life and after studying at university I’ve decided I want to start my own coral breeding programme and open a conservation centre where school children can come and learn about the ocean. 590 more words


Fish Out of Water

I should just rename this my “Stuck At Work Late Blog”. It really isn’t what I intended it to be, I can’t remember the last time I uploaded a photo I took. 563 more words

Morning's Mourning

Maggie’s head rested against the back of her chair, her withered fingers limp among the folds of a patch-work quilt. She’d been still for too long. 1,067 more words


Day 221 – 9th August – Cleaning up a fishy situation

I have a small fish tank in the lounge. Strictly speaking it’s a nano tank, and while I know these are not ideal, it works well and is on the larger end of the nano tanks. 121 more words


FinerFilters RO/di Unit Review

The product being reviewed is the 5 stage domestic reverse osmosis system by Finerfilters. I paid £87.99 for the system and I bought it from eBay. 484 more words