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Jack's first grayling

You’d think that someone would start small and work up to a 75 pound salmon but Jack does it the opposite way.  When coming to Alaska years ago he caught the huge salmon first and then is working down and crossing the small fish off his list as he goes. 208 more words


Easy Pet Feng Shui

10 years ago, I wrote about my neighbor’s new puppy, a black labrador:


Kate, the puppy, becomes an old dog.  She has died of cancer last Monday. 435 more words

Ken Lai

some friend

some friends
you cast out for them

too small

they have to be tossed back
to the sea

A fishy tail or three - the Gyotaku demo

I was curious about the technique of gyotaku , having come across mention of it for the first time only in the last year or so, so when an opportunity to see a demonstration of it at… 962 more words


Seafood 'thermidor' Pasta

I was tagged in a post this morning on facebook for mac and cheese loaded with seafood. From the description and picture, for my palate, I felt the thick cheese sauce would overpower the delicate taste of the fish. 199 more words

Inktober #6&7 Oberon and Titania

Freehand drawings of the pearl gouramis from my aquarium, Titania (pencil and archival pen) and Oberon (ballpoint pen, archival pen accented by red pastel).