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Panko Crusted Tuna

I like to have tuna only once every couple of weeks, as it can contain high amounts of mercury, which can’t be good for anyone! But I truly love the texture, flavor and consistency of tuna, especially with a nice crispy exterior. 173 more words


Gordon Ramsay harvests thousands of dollars worth of caviar [video]

#GordonRamsay harvests thousands of dollars worth of caviar. This fish has thousands of dollars of #caviar inside of it. If you’re a caviar fan, prepare to #drool! 6 more words


sri lankan fish curry

It’s December.

My New Years resolution to become a better person, have a bangin body and be great at hobbies has definitely not happened. Shit. This means that in one month I have to starve, learn tennis and be nice to everyone. 271 more words


Aquaponics: a cost-effective source of healthy food

Image and story originally published in Taos News

Owning a self-sufficient home is a dream shared by many in eco-friendly Taos. And having a dependable, year-round source of food at home is an important element of it. 651 more words

Taos News

Seeless Sea

A frothy, gnawing sea, blue waves tipped with crackling fire,
rippling with tender, senseless ease-
phosphorescent neon lights twinkle with battle ready temerity, molted creatures, slimy green scales and gyrating fins- 92 more words


EStrong flavors in a beautiful fish salad

this was a really good salad, also quite unusual and so pretty. Each flavor -raddichio, smoked herring, okra w peppers- is so strong. They did achieve a kind of balance but without really a star of the show or a main flavor you know what i mean? Fluorescent flavors.



30th November - Tokyo, Japan

I’m out earlyish today. Book my bullet train ticket at Shinjuku station leaving tomorrow, then jump on the subway heading to Tsukiji and the famous Tsukiji fish market – a must see destination on any Tokyo tourist map. 916 more words