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Sir Gahmuret and the Lady Herzeloyde

Gahmuret and the Lady Herzeloyde are the parents of Parzival, who will one day find the Grail and ask the ‘noble question’ of the Fisher King. 369 more words

Fantastic Transmissions E008 - Grass Dancer by Owl Goingback

Episode 8 of Fantastic Transmissions is about Grass Dancer by Owl Goingback. Grass Dancer, a Nebula nominee, weaves a Vietnam war story with American Indian myth and legend. 3,328 more words

Fantastic Transmissions

Forgiveness in Fisher King

Charlotte Utschig

King Arthur in the Middle Ages


Discussion Post

Dr. Bruso

Apr 30 2018

Forgiveness in Fisher King

Fisher King is a highly emotional tale that deals with weighty topics such as guilt and healing. 351 more words

Return of the Fool

Birds, Fishes, & Hares

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April Fool’s Day. I don’t believe in coincidences. That Christ’s resurrection corresponds this year with the celebration of the Fool points to an esoteric, mythical tradition, one that is observable in the story of Amfortas, the Fisher King (a quite different story from the movie of the same name). 1,287 more words

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John Howard talks Incidents Crowded with Life

Later this month (the 26th to be exact), John Howard’s autobiography Incidents Crowded with Life will be published by Fisher King Publishing.

For those who haven’t read this blog before, Lancastrian John had dreams of becoming an international pop superstar, but after signing to CBS in the early 1970s, events conspired against him and his first three albums, only one of which was released. 1,296 more words


The Grail Mysteries: The Death of the Wounded Fisher King and the Birth of the Radiant Child

The Winter Solstice will fall just before dawn breaks over the British Isles after the longest night of the year on Thursday 21st December. To me, this is such a beautiful time when there are unique energies at play that heal the emotional despair and suffering accrued during the previous thirteen moons, and send rejuvenation and fresh hope and inspiration for the coming turn of the calendrical wheel. 237 more words

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Enlighten Rogues

We enter here, we enter there
The road ahead, it never cares
There’s a turn for you, a turn for me
A turn for all who care to see. 182 more words