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Gahmuret and The Lady Herzeloyde… a Poem

An open door, a quick glance with peripheral eyes
A question’s asked, ‘Is there a fish about?’
Be quiet my wanting heart… but it’s too late, it sees its other… 357 more words


Mary Magdalene’s Feast day

Will skip the contentious theories

Wedding in Cana

Hers and The Preacher’s?

She the original Holy Grail

The Cup

The womb… 135 more words


Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom... Compassion

Our life is a circle that takes us back home, to the essence of innocence, but with the knowledge that living begets… the eternal search for the Grail. 547 more words

Ponderosa Knights

There is a sickly brown
Stem stuck in the earth
Bowing to its finished feet,
To the little creatures
To whom the dead, still, are useful, 245 more words

* Releasing the Wounded Fisher King? Total Solar Eclipse with Chiron in Pisces

Speaking of SATURN in SAG storytelling, the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in PISCES with CHIRON brought the association with the Wounded Fisher King mythology and his redemption by Parsifal to mind. 1,102 more words


Three Guesses As To What Really Matters

Suffering from another paroxysm of doubt – a bobbing on the big sea moment – Tolstoy seemed the natural choice of port for the Gen X refugee to find anchorage in. 991 more words

Lord Stark: The Fisher King

                                   I sat upon the shore
Fishing, with the arid plain behind me
Shall I at least set my lands in order?
T.S.Eliot, The Wasteland

The Fisher King is sometimes known as the Wounded King and is nearly always presented with a leg or groin wound. 341 more words