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What is this hole through which the hope of the world is running out?

It is the spear-wound in the belly of a dragon sliced in half to make heaven and deep, quartered and scattered to the four winds, watchtowers established in each quarter to hold back her blood. 144 more words


Owning the Donald Trump Within: Dark King Shadow Work and Anger, guest article

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“Apocalypse.” That word summons images of the end of the world, but the root meaning of “Apocalypse” has nothing to do with destruction—it simply means “the unveiling.” 924 more words

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

More than the background regarding the Fisher King as a symbol, and his recreation in The Waste Land, Weston’s information regarding the historical importance of the fish as a “life symbol” (119) illuminates the connection between arthurian legend and modernist poet Eliot.   343 more words

The Fisher King, the Ideal Father and THE BEECHWOOD FLUTE

It seems to me–though perhaps some male readers will comment–that the quest to become a full man is in part a search for the father. It’s more difficult for a boy or young man who never knew his father, who lost him at a young age, or who has a father that deeply disappoints him, to find a strong masculine identity within. 526 more words


A "Magic Flute" for Our Times

Kenneth Branagh’s “The Magic Flute”: Rebalancing Masculine and Feminine

The “Elucidation” is a French poem from the early 13th century that is often called the Grail Precursor or Prologue,  for in it we find many elements of what will become the story of the search for the Holy Grail.  914 more words

Myths & Archetypes In Film

About the ethics of honesty: how spiritual lies deal with guilt

Being honest is one of my main virtues. I hate lying and I like to tell the truth. I believe that being honest is very important for being genuine, something which is becoming increasingly rare these days. 924 more words


Gahmuret and The Lady Herzeloyde… a Poem

An open door, a quick glance with peripheral eyes
A question’s asked, ‘Is there a fish about?’
Be quiet my wanting heart… but it’s too late, it sees its other… 357 more words