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Medicine and The Waste Land

Medicine and disease have always been an important part of a culture, and are synonymous with a culture’s great scientific achievement and struggle with ailment. At the turn of the 20th century, medicine was at a crossroads between the implementations of new theories, like Germ Theory and vaccinations, and the trauma of the Influenza epidemic of 1918 and World War One. 47 more words

The Waste Land

Haiku I

death has been vanquished

rivers alive once again

flowers bloom spring buds


Galahad, Galahad,

Doubly his father’s son,

Mounted his steed

And off he was

To seek the Sangreal.

Galahad, Galahad,

Haute Prince he’s called,

He’s traded his sun-red armour… 93 more words


Eliot's Grail Hero

“… the basic idea of the Grail tradition– the position of a people whose prosperity, and the fertility of their land, are closely bound up with the life and virility of their King, who is not a mere man, but a divine reincarnation.

478 more words
The Waste Land

If There Were Water

“Their hymns and prayers were devised for the main purpose of obtaining from the gods of their worship that which was essential to ensure their well-being and the fertility of their land–warmth, sunshine, above all, sufficient water.” (Weston 26) 509 more words

The Waste Land

A Kindness of Ravens

Of all the stories I’ve become and the stories I’ve seen, the novels and narratives of these last few days are the most difficult to unravel. 4,523 more words


Day 23 The Fisher King - Read the signs


There are various versions of the Fisher King. The one that I came across talks of a procession that is held every night at the King’s castle. 280 more words