Fishing Boats near Colombo

We visited Sri Lanka for the month of February. One of our early stops was at a harbor for fishing boats just outside Colombo. The daily catch is either sold in stalls and outdoor markets or left drying in the sun for later use. 19 more words

Portugal, Algarve, Portimão

Spent the day in Portimão which is about 40 minutes from Salema. It is of course a much busier place and where cruise ship terminals dock. 108 more words


Portugal, Algarve, Salema

From Mykonos to the Algarve to stay with good Canadian friends Daphne and Mark and Marion and Gregg at a lovely villa they have rented on and off over the last few years. 132 more words


Day Twenty - Matosinhos to Vila do Conde

Sunday 20 May 2018

Cloudy 18 degrees

22.3 kilometres today. 419.5 kilometres total

Robert was outside the apartment at 8.00am and the luggage transfer van was there right on time. 616 more words

Its Becoming a Habit!

OK, OK I know. Lately the blog has been mostly about cycling… But in all fairness, the Mountainstroh blog started as a cycling site. Then, as time when on, it just became more about life in general, and since my life, especially this time of year, seems to revolve around cycling, it kinda makes sense! 728 more words