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Is Today A Good Day To Go Fishing

If you’re anything like me, you relate other values to fishing than just catching a fish.

Like for example spending time outdoors, enjoying the nature and beautiful scenery. 26 more words


The week ahead in fly fishing: March 27, 2107

The traditional opener of trout fishing is less than a week away. After throwing a late winter curve ball that blanketed the Southern Tier with up to 3 feet of snow, Mother Nature’s reversal could make local creeks, streams, and rivers swollen and moving for Saturday’s opening day. 1,248 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: March 13, 2107

March continues to roar of winter, even with the official start of spring less than two weeks away. After a warm spell last week, temps again dropped to single digit lows Friday night and have carried on through the weekend. 1,989 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: March 6, 2107

March officially came in like a lamb. With a high of 60 degrees and a low of 47, there was no doubt in the way March opened. 1,511 more words

In like a lamb - a Preview on March Fly Fishing

March is a transition month for fishermen, particularly fly fishermen. It is a month when (traditionally) the snow melt starts in the Southern Tier, creeks and streams pick up that wonderful run-off green color, and on sunny days, a few bugs, mainly little black stoneflies, begin to flutter clumsily about. 1,303 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: February 27, 2107

Spring certainly visited the Southern Tier with gusto this past week. Record temperatures were set with highs, at times, hitting the low 70’s. And those high temperatures went to work on the snow pack, swelling local creeks, streams, and rivers with snow-melt. 1,196 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: February 13, 2107

February has proven to be an interesting month thus far with ups and downs in temperatures, snow, and rain. The good thing is that we’ve had a good amount of precipitation which is very much needed after a long summer drought. 1,241 more words