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The week ahead in fly fishing: October 3rd

The colors are beginning to fill in the hillsides. And the silver maples that line the river are turning to gold. This upcoming week will only get brighter in terms of the colors as we move towards peak. 1,838 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: September 26th

Fall is here and the hillsides are starting to show it. Although we still have about two weeks to go for peak colors, some trees are starting to lighten up. 1,435 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: September 6th

September started out summer-like, although the cool mornings hint at fall’s coming. A few trees are already starting to show a bit of fall color. Fields and riverbanks are dry. 1,852 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: August 29th

There goes August…  Fall waits anxiously in the shadow of summer now. The cooler mornings still yield to the heat of the day, but you can feel autumn coming. 1,659 more words

The week ahead in fly fishing: July 25

This is the first “week ahead” fly fishing report on Southern Tier Fly Fisher. As explained in a previous post, my weekly reports and other fly fishing articles will reside here until I have a new improved site in place. 1,329 more words

Looking back on 2015

Around this time every year, I take a pause in life and look back. Then, after considering the past year, good and bad, I look forward. 2,529 more words

What Are Tides and How Do They Affect Fishing?

Cocoa Beach charters and other experienced anglers closely watch tides to determine the ideal time for fishing inshore waters

The tides are an amazing phenomena – each day, water levels close to the coast will rise and fall with the same predictability as the sunrise and sunset. 777 more words

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