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Trolling vs. Bottom Fishing – Understanding Methods Used by Cocoa Beach Offshore Charters

To those with no experience, fishing involves nothing more than dropping a line with some bait into the water, waiting for a bite and reeling the fish in. 747 more words

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Want to get Hooked on Dating?

A grandfather’s advice about fishing applies to

Dating at 50, too.

As a boy growing up in Hawaii, Grand Dad learned to deftly throw fishing nets and catch beautiful fish. 362 more words

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Tips and Techniques on Surf Fishing.

Surf fishing is fun and exciting adventure while enjoying the beach and the surf. It is a method of fishing off the beach, shoreline or wading in the water. 686 more words

Fishing Techniques

Ever wonder why some Fishermen catch more fish than others, Here are some tips and tricks to catch more fish!

Often to many times you head out on your fishing trip with high expectations of filling the boat with more fish than you can count. Then while out on the water, you realize you are not meeting your imagined quota, but you noticed that several others are. 1,481 more words

Fishing Techniques

Floats & Bobbers with VIDEO

Bobbers, corks, floats… depending upon where you come from, fishermen have different names for the buoyant device that suspends a bait below the surface. But no matter where you go in North America or what you call it, the revered bobber rig is one of the most popular presentations in fishing. 731 more words

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Survival Guides - Primitive Fishing Techniques

Primitive fishing techniques are very helpful skills to understand if you find yourself in a survival scenario. The chores of survival need plenty of calories which might be hard to replace out there in the… 164 more words


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Drifting a Bait

Always buy you PERFORMANCE FISHING APPAREL &  SUN PROTECTION CLOTHING from a reputed online retailer for the best Fishing Apparel experience while fishing. 103 more words