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Floats & Bobbers with VIDEO

Bobbers, corks, floats… depending upon where you come from, fishermen have different names for the buoyant device that suspends a bait below the surface. But no matter where you go in North America or what you call it, the revered bobber rig is one of the most popular presentations in fishing. 860 more words

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Great Lake Trout Lure for Boundary Waters Fishing

Man, somebody hand me a paper towel.  I started thinking about catching spring (May, June) lakers in the Boundary Waters and started drooling at the thought of fresh, fried laker fillets on an open fire.   861 more words

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Bait Casting
Bait casting is a style of fishing that relies on the weight of the lure to extend the line into the target area. Bait casting involves a revolving-spool fishing reel (or “free spool”) mounted on the topside of the rod. 1,321 more words

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Fishing Techniques 101

Fishing is one of the favorite hobbies in Australia. Bass is usually the most commonly chased fish and the reason is simple – it is easier to catch than most species. 373 more words


Choosing The Right Fishing Equipment

Many people are scared of fishing because they’re not sure how to start. If fishing appeals to you, then the advice in this article can get you off to a good start. 413 more words

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Lake Trout Through the Ice

There is nothing quite like the thundering strike of the North American native, the lake trout “Salvelinus namaycush”. Part of the Char family, lake trout are magnificent creatures of the deep and can grow to incredible sizes as well as old in age. 1,294 more words


Trout Jigs for Lakers - Get Hooked!

Here are jigs that can be really tough to find and they are really popular among lake trout fishermen both in ice and open water fishing.   620 more words

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