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Why I believe Michael Phelps is a Fishman.

You may be wondering, how could Michael Phelps be a Fishman? Well if you think about it, it makes sense. How can a human swim so well? 268 more words

Upcoming Novel: Fishman #3

It feels like ages since the last update. I did say this would be up yesterday, but I’ve been busy packing for my Norwegian Cruise. Sorry about that. 131 more words

Heart-Shaped Glasses

Kitty wears heart-shaped glasses

A vanilla shade of pink

Takes her teal handbag and

Hot pink shoes wherever she goes

Love is her middle name… 16 more words


Upcoming Novel: Fishman #2

It’s time for another update on my second novel, Fishman. Made character profiles for the main characters: Bobby Fishman and Todd Patrick. Also made profiles for some of Bobby’s relatives: … 238 more words

Character Profile: Lucas Fishman

Name: Lucas Fishman
Nickname: Papa Fish
Nationality: British with Jamaican ancestry.
Birthday: 31st July
Occupation: Retired Policeman
Bio: There are three things Lucas loves in life: sex, alcohol and parties. 228 more words

Character Profile: Todd Patrick

Name: Todd Patrick
Nickname: Sneaky git
Nationality: British
Birthday: 22nd April
Occupation: Art Student and Freelance Graphic Designer
Bio: Todd was badly bullied by his older sister Kelly in his youth. 212 more words

Character Profile: Kathleen Fishman

Name: Kathleen Fishman
Nicknames: Kat, Kitty and KitKat
Nationality: British
Birthday: 5th June
Occupation: Former foster parent
Bio: After the sudden death of her parents, Kathleen was the only guardian for her little brother Bobby. 154 more words