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Cthulhu Critters Part 3: The Deep Ones Part 1.

Of all the monster that he created, HP Lovecraft is probably most closely associated with the deep ones. These are bipedal fishmen, with an insatiable desire for human women, are the archetypical Lovecraftian critters. 1,350 more words

Massive news from GAMA - Kill Team, Doom Lords, Van Saar, New Shadespire Gangs, New Modular Terrain and Idoneth Deepkin all on the way soon!

Wow! We have just got the mother of all info dumps from Games Workshop about loads of upcoming products from the GAMA trade show!

Kicking off, we have a brand new version of Kill Team! 345 more words


My Weekly Gollumn. This Week: A review of The Shape of Water.

Rock in the pool
so nice and cool
so juicy sweet!

Now we fish
to catch a fish
so juicy sweet!

We thinks the fishmans is a tease precious. 170 more words

What a Catch

She looked at his once-handsome face. The chiselled jawline and strong nose were still there. If she focused hard enough, his eyes were the same green-blue as the day they met. 244 more words

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