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What It's All About. Maybe.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be finished with weeping. It’s possible that when Jeff died, the pain dug such a deep well into my psyche, it tapped into an everlasting underground river of tears, and so they will be with me on and off for the rest of my life. 705 more words


Jane Fonda exercises with her cat

Jane Fonda: American actress in Hollywood from 1960. In exeercise videos from 1982.

24 Femmes Per Second: nouveaux postes de belles femmes chaque semaine; weekly posts of beautiful women; posti settimanali di belle donne; wöchentliche Beiträge der schönen Frauen; vecko inlägg av vackra kvinnor.



Good readers of dlb witchland, I’ve finished Kushiel’s Dart. I’m devastated and empty inside. To develop enriching relationships with these characters, and then one day  232 more words


Lee Remick in her chair

Lee Remick (1935 – 1991): on set in her first movie, Elia Kazan’s A Face In The Crowd (1957), about an Arkansas baton-twirling contest, won by Betty Lou (Lee Remick). 60 more words


The Top 5 Timeline:: Wake Up Ferguson, When Black People Get Fired, & More

It’s Monday! Let’s get it!

1. Adjusting to the cold

I’m sorry, but this was the absolute funniest thing I saw this week. The cold weather makes it funnier. 81 more words

Top 5 Timeline

Vine Of The Day: Easy Fishnet Stockings- 01.09.15

There is so much gold on Vine it’s hard to narrow down a favorite, but I’ve decided to try. Each day I’ll post the funniest/most creative/coolest/most entertaining six-second video I can find. 51 more words