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Why Omega 3’s and How to Get More

By Mitchell Blume, RD, CDE

“You should eat more fish”. We constantly hear this and there is a consensus that it is true, but why? 379 more words


Stinky Smell!

Have you ever bought something you regret afterwards?

I’m not the typical buyer who just buy a certain thing with no purpose at all because there’s no easy way to earn money. 662 more words


The 14 Biggest Benefits Of Fish Oil

Do you eat enough fish?

If you’re like most Americans – or the millions of people around the world with an americanized diet – you probably don’t… 1,342 more words


Fish Oil Supplement Review

These Fish Oil supplements are absolutely wonderful. Zenwise Labs is a great company that offers so many different supplements. These fish oil supplements are great tasting, and dont provide that nasty fish oil burpy taste. 118 more words


Healthy Eyes & Eye Care

When is the last time you visited your Eye Doctor?  Whom did you see?  Was it your Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, or Optician? Do you know that senior citizens should have their eyes checked yearly? 329 more words


Be sure to take your daily vitamins. You don’t want to cheat yourself and deprive your body of nutrients that you need, especially if your not eating correctly. 19 more words


It hurts. It makes me sad at times. Will it ever go away–that feeling I am stupid and that I’m always doing something wrong to be yelled at. 353 more words