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Be sure to take your daily vitamins. You don’t want to cheat yourself and deprive your body of nutrients that you need, especially if your not eating correctly. 18 more words


It hurts. It makes me sad at times. Will it ever go away–that feeling I am stupid and that I’m always doing something wrong to be yelled at. 353 more words

Fantastic supplements and how to use them

Well since you all are working hard now on your body and are aware of your fitness now. Let me show you guys the supplement world. 682 more words


The Fabulous Three Supplements

The Fabulous Three Supplements

by Joycie M. Smith, Medical Doctor, Fellow of Integrative Medicine, Fellow of Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine

Walking through the health supplements aisle for the first or fiftieth time can be confusing and overwhelming.   342 more words


Q:  How can you know if someone really loves you?

Mishu: My owner pours fish oil from canned sardines on my food. That makes me feel loved. So… love = giving people what makes them feel loved? 90 more words

DearMishu Q

How to get (almost) flawless skin

Me and my skin are mortal enemies (no, really). Since about cringe worthy middle school days I have battled with hormonal acne. Throughout my adolescence I have struggled with every kind of skin care problem imaginable. 515 more words

Being Crunchy is Unreasonable Because an MD Told Me So

I recently came upon a thread on Facebook by a friend of mine who is one of my favorite people. She took the stance that people who brush their teeth with coconut oil and the like are just pure… 941 more words