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The Fat Lesson: Recap

We’ve completed Lesson 5, the Fat Lesson! I hope you have learned some important information about healthy fats and the benefits they have for a healthy diet. 194 more words


The Fat Lesson - Fish Oil

Have you ever tried a fish oil supplement?  You’ve probably heard it is good for you, so you gave it a shot.  Didn’t taste too hot, did it?! 466 more words

Essential Oils

Earth Well Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement - Lemon Flavored - 180 Count Review

I know what you’re thinking. “Fish oil? Yuck!” Yeah I was the same way. Omega-3 is super important, it’s a fatty acid (yes fatty, but good fat) rich in DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EHA (Eicosapentaenoic acid). 218 more words

Product Review

Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement - Lemon Flavored - Review


I was asked to test these fish oil pills in exchange for my opinion. I received a very large bottle packed with a safety seal under the lid. 87 more words


My top 4 pics for supplements!

For general wellness and maximizing my work in the gym there are a couple of supplements that I take daily. I travel with these items, and don’t miss a day! 268 more words

"WHAT THE HAIR?!?!" Tips to grow, pamper, and keep it

If I could do the wig thing, I woulda pulled a Britney by now.  Until I entered the salon/ spa industry I never realized how much I was doing to my hair but not for my hair.  646 more words


Fit people's cosmetics :D

Once we start training we keep looking for every possible way to help us reach our targeted weight , image or shape ! So many different opinions .. 568 more words