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Q:  How can you know if someone really loves you?

Mishu: My owner pours fish oil from canned sardines on my food. That makes me feel loved. So… love = giving people what makes them feel loved? 89 more words

DearMishu Q

How to get (almost) flawless skin

Me and my skin are mortal enemies (no, really). Since about cringe worthy middle school days I have battled with hormonal acne. Throughout my adolescence I have struggled with every kind of skin care problem imaginable. 515 more words

Being Crunchy is Unreasonable Because an MD Told Me So

I recently came upon a thread on Facebook by a friend of mine who is one of my favorite people. She took the stance that people who brush their teeth with coconut oil and the like are just pure… 941 more words

Dialysis and Fish Oil Supplements

Dialysis is used by people who have lost their kidney function. Dialysis and fish oil supplements has been a concern for certain patients.

When you lose the functions of your kidneys you can no longer remove waste from your blood or produce excess fluid through urine. 922 more words

Healthy Nutrition And Fat Loss

Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish Oil is a mixture of fatty acids, two of which provide substantial benefits to the body.

• Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)
• Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 162 more words



I think the most important part of my diet is the vitamins I take…Really..I’m serious. And not the cute lil flinstones vitamins your mom used to give you. 185 more words

Diet Plan

My Favorite Supplement Companies

It is VERY hard to know who to trust these days. While it is well-known that our soils are depleted of many minerals, it is also well-known that there are plenty of companies out there cashing in on the “natural health movement”.  799 more words

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