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Are Fish Oil Supplements Doing the Right Thing?

On your recent visit to the doctor, did you have a conversation about those Fish Oil supplements you’ve been taking to help with the cholesterol issues you have?  496 more words


Fish oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Quantity and Quality matters

Just a quick note on Omega-3 fatty acids.  I’ve had an interest in fish oil and omega-3’s use in primary care.  For those interested in further reading, please go to my review article on… 403 more words


Fish Oil Can Help Fight Inflammation

Fish oil is a supplement everyone should consume without fail. This oil which is extracted from fishes is also known as omega 3 and contains two compounds, namely Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 186 more words


How Fishoil Supplements Might Help You Lose Weight

You will acquire an instruction e-mail from us to reset your that you do not acquire this mail inside your email, please verify your spam file. 391 more words

Update on Lifestyle Changes and Healthy Choices

Celebrating the Successes and Planning for the Struggles

In my last post I discussed how 90% of heart disease could be prevented through lifestyle change. I boldly stated these would be simple lifestyles changes-hahaha what was I thinking? 722 more words

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Lifestyle Change

Listening to My Body

My body has been trying to tell me it isn’t balanced. My waist has slowly grown over the summer. My energy has started decreasing and I just haven’t quite felt like myself. 648 more words

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Stinky Smell!

Have you ever bought something you regret afterwards?

I’m not the typical buyer who just buy a certain thing with no purpose at all because there’s no easy way to earn money. 662 more words