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Grandmaster of Fishsticks!

Grandmaster of Fishsticks!

Here’s the first artwork for the month of November! More wizards incoming!!





  • We often talk about “buying” food. “Buying” a sandwich. “Purchasing” a salad. “Procuring” a filet mignon. It’s not accurate. Food is ephemeral. It lasts only as long as our bodies can crush it up and push it out.
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Weekmenu: week 28

Na het gepuf van de hittegolf, nu het afkoelen. Deze morgen heb ik zelfs even naar mijn dons gegrabbeld! (Ok, maar 2 minuten, maar toch: ik heb liever een beetje afkoeling dan mij dood te zweten) 97 more words


Cartoons as social satire: Beavis and Butt-head and South Park

I did previously mention that the television of today basically sucks and dumbs the nations down. Tons of TV series are produced for the sole purpose of providing lousy entertainment to the masses who for inexplicable reason buy it, no questions asked. 1,009 more words


Fishsticks Shades of Grey... Because, why not?

Have these ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ parodies gone too far… Maybe so.


A Part Of Me Is Lonely Because Parts Of You Are Gone

A Part Of Me Is Lonely Because Parts Of You Are Gone

His name was Pants. They called him ‘Shorts’ for short. Pants had been working at The Prometheus Tupperware And Other Things That Seal Tight Emporium for several months when his boss walked into the office one morning carrying the 19x12x16 inch tight cube shaped goddess that would eventually wind up stealing his heart. 1,672 more words

Healthy Fish Sticks

Last night I stumbled a pone a new recipe! I quite often have a craving for fish and this one particular night I had a beautiful leftover tilapia filet sitting in my refrigerator. 536 more words