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Fish Tank III (Brighton)

When is lunch served, my friend? @Carlosgm976

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Radisson Blu in Berlin

Imagine sleeping in a room with a view to infinite aquarium. What if I tell you, you don’t need to imagine but to can experience it. 224 more words


Decorating Your Fish Aquarium – Dos and Don’ts

A fish tank is an artificial habitat for different species of fishes. An indoor fish tank needs not only to create a natural habitat of aquatic creatures but it also needs to be a treat for the eyes. 361 more words


Salt-Water Aquarium – For Beginners

Ok, I have to fess up – one of my many hobbies (ranging from canning organic mushrooms to archery) has been fish-keeping.  Why?  I once visited a friend at a Massachusetts hospital and was amazed at how tranquil it is to watch the aquatic life.  904 more words


Fish tank II (Brighton)

Do they know they are being watched? @Carlosgm976

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Red Road

Red Road
Director Andrea Arnold Cast Kate Dickie, Tony Curran, Martin Compston UK/Denmark, 2006

Red Road (2006) marks a particular peak in Scottish film making. A culmination of cross-country exchange and creative development, it proved a critical success, going on to win the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes. 697 more words

I always liked the sea, but I fear it more. This picture say a lot of my fears, a shark lurking around. It was taken on Toronto aquarium, in a mixed tank where sharks and fishes swim together