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Fissures and Faults

By Somali K Chakrabarti

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The tranquil facade

camouflages fissures deep

masks the peril of 

a rupture or fault, at times

a tectonic drift! 176 more words

Poetry, Miscellaneous


A continuation from The Hole in the Wall, exploring the theme of boundaries perceived through the eyes of the contemporary viewer.

A continuation from The Hole in the Wall.


3 étapes simples pour traiter l’inflammation aux commissures de la bouche (chéilite angulaire ou perlèche) avec l’aromathérapie


Parfois, de petites choses peuvent venir perturber notre équilibre quotidien. Un agnail, une coupure avec une feuille de papier, une douleur à l’orteil … Rien de vraiment grave, mais une douleur réelle. 1,182 more words


Faulkner’s 'Fissures' filled with strange moments

Grant Faulkner
Press 53    2015
122 pages
Trade paper $14.95

“We all carry so many strange little moments within us,” author Grant Faulkner says in the introduction to his new book of one hundred, 100-word stories. 596 more words

Flash Fiction


like lights strung
in a youth’s bedroom, I am lit

to glow a path
with the deep moon to you

most nights it’s not enough… 73 more words


The Hengill Fissure and the Eastern Volcanic Zone

For my Current Crustal Movements module, we have two field trips. The first was to measure the displacement of the fissures at Hengill, which forms part of our coursework for the module, and the second was to the Eastern Volcanic Zone in the south of Iceland, which was optional (so just another geological sight-seeing trip really :-P) 1,133 more words

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