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The Miracle

Song for this post. Simon and Garfunkel: The Boxer.

Grilla walked into the Crack ‘O’ Midnight Bar, better known to its patrons as The Crack. He gooned his way through a group near the door.The rest of the crowd parted as if they were the Red Sea and he was Moses. 1,298 more words


“Am I changing into something of a monster or am I just claiming back my rights?”

Could violence be liberating? Not a commonly posed question concerning women’s relationship to the serious issue of domestic and related violence in New Zealand – and for good reason. 557 more words

Charlotte Museum Trust

Porsche Ellis: A Cheaters Legend

During the day here, they replay old Cheaters episodes on the CW35. One of those old episodes was the Porsche Ellis episode. Porsche Ellis is one of the best episodes of Cheaters ever, because it was clear early on she had accepted the role of combatant. 175 more words


Let's stop attacking the work of a guy who keeps winning awards for his literary advocacy; in fact, let's stop attacking people's opinions altogether...

I read this blog post recently by someone who claimed he or she got into a literary “fight,” insinuating that he or she was insulted nearly to the point of instigating violence over a co-worker reading James Patterson. 869 more words

Rhonda Rousey versus Floyd M. Mayweather

Rhonda Rousey, an Olympic medalist in judo, and Floyd M. Mayweather keep jousting in one of the most stupid war of words ever. Apparently, Mayweather had no idea who Rousey was, and she was offended. 319 more words