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Everybody was kung-fu fighting

Roughly halfway through the first episode of American Gods, the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, its protagonist Shadow finds a large, bearded Irish American calling himself Mad Sweeney getting right in his face. 786 more words


No lesson was learned

Another week and the drill instructor refused to let the platoon unfurl their guidon. Three weeks passed since the group came together and depriving them of this one privilege was enough to break them. 90 more words

Never Insult a Feller's Horse

You done insulted my horse, pardner, an’ now, I reckuhn it’s time for fisticuffs. Behind the church. When yer shaduh points thisaways. An’ Jesus isguhnna be there so you best fight fayer.

Live Friday Nights: REO Speedwagon - Roll With The Changes

I’m a fan of REO, even though they get a lot of heat as being a “chick” band, like Journey. Yeah, they got some crap chick songs, but what bands didn’t from back then? 325 more words


Next Time, Pick a Better Role Model

Was just watching some WWE tonight. Saw a woman by the name of Nia Jax totally destroy a woman named Scarlett making her debut on Raw. 129 more words


Nation's Newsreaders Bitterly Divided Over Who Will Win Melbourne Cup

Australia’s newsreaders will head into Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup with wildly diverging predictions about who will win the nation’s most famous horse race.

“I always hold back placing my bet until I’ve heard what the breakfast show hosts and the trusted evening presenters have to say,” said concerned punter Leroy Mugge. 267 more words