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To Write a Blog Post or a Chapter? That is the Question

Obviously, by the stunning lack of posts here, my answer to this question has been to write a chapter. The fact that I’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with this blog has made that decision easier, but I think I need more balance. 262 more words

Valentine's Came Early: Grave Before Shave Bundle

My lovely wife, bless her heart, admitted to me this week that she sucks at waiting when she has a gift for me. Personally, I enjoy holding gifts for her right up until the day the gift is intended for (if it’s a special occasion gift), but she, on the other hand, apparently cannot do that. 703 more words


Video: Customer Head Butts Walmart Tax Worker During Argument In Store

No matter how unhappy you are with someone or something, violence is never the answer, people. A Walmart customer seen on video head-butting a Walmart employee during an argument, setting off an all out brawl, has been told by police not to come back to the store. 231 more words

Wild Teens Caught on Camera

I’m watching Dr. Phil and they are talking about “Wild Teens Caught on Camera”.

In one, there’s one girl who hits another girl in the head with a shovel. 90 more words


Getting serious...

I spoke with a former colleague of mine, and he told me one of my co-workers, a lady who used to be one of my favorite people but now is not, had been sexually harassed by another co-worker. 228 more words