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4 style mistakes you can avoid

  • Wearing clothes that don’t fit well

Clothes that are too tight are never comfortable and don’t make you look thinner, quiet the opposite!

On the other hand, clothes that are big and loose all over will make you look bigger. 284 more words


Start fresh

So every day is gym day. It’s up to me how I want to space it. But every day w/o fail I will be spending time in the gym. 40 more words


PONIEDZIAŁEK Z OWSIANKĄ #24: Owsianka 10 ziaren i łódzki Montag/OATMEAL MONDAY #24: 10-grain Porridge and Łódź's Montag bistro


Miesiąc temu byłyśmy w Łodzi. Bardzo fajne, postindustrialne, ale/więc obniszczone miasto. Było zimno, co sprzyjało gastroturystyce. Na kawusię i drugie śniadanie poszłyśmy do wyszukanej wcześniej piekarni i bistro Montag. 675 more words


Weekend Roundup: All Things Green, Running, & Marshmallows

St. Patrick’s Day… a day where the streets seem to come alive. After sleeping in a little too late, we determined it was too late to try to wait out the line at Old Shillelagh’s, so fun was had exploring other Detroit staples and wandering the streets between festivals. 159 more words

New Blog

Guilt-free kip-avocado hamburger

kip-avocado hamburgerr

kip-avocado hamburger

Wie is er niet gek op?

Als je een plaatselijke mcDonalds binnenstapt is de verscheidenheid van de klanten iets wat direct opvalt. 170 more words


Time to get fit(ish)

I’ve been rather alarmed by my growing waistline. The final straw came on Friday. The boy and I were changing the bedding. This is mostly arsing about, pretending the duvet is trying to eat him, putting the fitted sheet over him and exclaiming ‘where’s the baby?’, etc. 374 more words


It’s been a while. I’ve recently done another shoot with this girl, who has been training hard to shape her body. We did some experimentation with color gels; here is a shot with a regular white light at the front and a red spot pointing partly at the background, partly at her by opening the barndoors of the flash and removing the grid.