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Pension issues in SBI–an extension to his predecessor post by K R Saini:

krsaini commented on Pension issues in SBI–clarifying a confusion by K R Saini:

Keshav Saini 22 Apr (2 days ago) to Chandrasekharan, ramachandrapp, hganaiyer46, babu2609, me, murthy, T.r., govinds65, …

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RWB Army Girl

Personally, I love RWB Porsches and it’s great to see its popularity has reached far and beyond Japan. I know many people disagrees with me and hates these RWB kits but I simply love them. 50 more words


AWD Bruiser

Finally getting a chance to put these shots up on the blog after over a month of sitting in the hard drive. This set is relatively short compared to others as the sun began to set during this shoot but the owner, Gabe, was very enthusiastic about this shoot so I had him re-position the car as quickly as possible to maximize the angles of shots. 75 more words


Toyo Open Country Expands Fitment

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. has added a size to its line of Open Country R/T tires – a 31X10.50R15LT.
Rated Load Range C, this new size fits wheel widths from 7- to 9-inches, and Toyo says it’s designed for outdoor adventure vehicles. 207 more words

Circuit Inspirations: Jason Wu's E90 M3

One of the things that I really love about M3s is how versatile it is throughout its years in production. It’s got that extra sportiness that you can’t find in baseline BMWs, a relatively affordable pricing, and yet still retain a strong emphasis on luxury. 184 more words


Finest Madonna

I’ve always been a fan of huge wings, diffusers, and crazy aerodynamics for specific Japanese sports cars like Evos, STis, S2000s and NSXs. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a mild and refined build as well, so as far as NSXs are concerned, I think the Route KS Madonna kit is one of the cleanest, most beautiful kits available. 92 more words


Monster R32 GTR

I think I’ve said it in earlier posts on the blog but the R32 GTR is over 25 years old and is definitely showing its age. 197 more words