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Dare to be Different | Mike's 540i Wagon

In a “scene” full of look-a-like builds and ‘car models’, its tough to set out and do something different.  I’m not saying that a lowered BMW is different, but I am saying that a 6 speed ’99 540i wagon on SSR’s isn’t typically sitting at your local weekly car meet. 290 more words


Killer GTR

It’s hard to believe that the R34 GTR is close to approaching 20 years old in just a few years. Still, with 276+ HP from the factory and an advance AWD system, this car has remained a tuner’s go-to platform in Japan and around the world til this day. 127 more words


S2K With Rare Flair

With how popular the S2000 is among car enthusiasts these days and how abundant aftermarket parts are for this platform, it’s pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. 104 more words


Aodhan DS01 - New Size, New Finish!

Aodhan has released the very popular DS01 wheel in 19″.  The twisted mesh spoke design has become a top seller, especially since the directional wheel style has become a hot trend lately.  78 more words

The New Ace Alloy Flow Form Series

There’s no doubt the new Flow Form technology is changing the wheel industry.  It’s allowing wheel company to manufacturer stronger, lighter wheels, while maintaining reasonable prices.  152 more words

Konig Resurrected

For those who are not familiar with Konig, they have been producing wheels for decades.  They’ve seen all the trends that come and go in the tuner car scene.  140 more words

Aodhan DS-02 Wheels

There are so many wheels on the market today, how do you chose the right one for your car?  Luckily, we have you covered…

Aodhan has just released a new wheel that is guaranteed to turn heads.  73 more words