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Sirah Nabawiyah 70: Pernikahan dari Atas Langit Ke-Tujuh

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  1. Menikah dengan ‘Aisyah radhiyaLlahu ‘anha
  2. Malaikat dan Secarik Sobekan Sutera
  3. Keutamaan ‘Aisyah radhiyaLlahu ‘anha
  4. Standar Umur Pernikahan: Bantahan bagi Orientalis…
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Islamic Kingdom in Spain fell because of fitnah

I have never had any interest in history, especially during my school days. The learning of History subject in school was just for the purpose of passing the examinations then gets an A or a B to ensure the examination results on the paper look plainly nice with acceptable grades. 513 more words


True Story For Every Muslim Sister Who Goes Out With Her Hijab!

This is a true story for every Muslim sister who
goes out with her hijab..

A Syrian girl was trapped under the ruins of her… 182 more words

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A Reminder for our Sisters.

Antara Jenggot, Menggunjing Dan Sholat

Bismillah was shalatu was salamu ‘ala Rasulillah, amma ba’du. 135 more words

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The 'Bad Bitch' Ontology

Most of us might have been accustomed to hearing someone being referred to as a ‘ bad bitch’, in either our own personal circles or most generally throughout our pop culture. 682 more words

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CELAH GELEGAR: KES WARDINA, SALIB, VAMPIRE : antara Gereja, Alvin…: Straight to the Point  – Kenapa isu gereja di Taman Medan itu menjadi minit mesyuarat Kabinet? Semalam, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri …