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So, Whats the Alternative?

So, when the weather is as horrendous as it has been, what do you do when you have a planned outdoor cycling session?  Do you brave the elements?  288 more words


Strength Training for BJJ

Technique beats strength….but strength certainly makes things easier. I’m a big proponent of being technical and strong.

BJJ Eastern Europe had an interesting article awhile back with some “rules” for strength training in BJJ. 11 more words


Take another sip of Water, it's good for you!

Water. H2O. Aqua. It goes by many names and right through me.

For years I struggled to drink the normal 8 glasses a day. Most days, I didn’t even swallow one glass. 252 more words


A Healthy Guide To Cape Town

This new years I was fortunate enough to travel to Cape Town in South Africa. I have always wanted to visit South Africa and heard great things about it. 915 more words


Training Tuesday: IoT insecurity, fitness division

There’s lots of hype about how the Internet of Things (IoT) will make our lives better, and much of it is true. For example, my house has two Internet-connected thermostats that I can use to see and change temperature settings— that way I can keep the house uncomfortably cool or warm when I’m not there and adjust the temperature remotely so it’s comfy when I get there. 390 more words

General Tech Stuff

Get a Small Behind for Your Valentine!

Ok Ladies, (and gents) let’s talk about the largest muscle in your body!

Known by many names; Gluteus Maximus, Glutes, buttocks, butt, derriere, tushy, the junk trunk, really I can go on all day!How to get that booty in shape so it is noticed? 272 more words

Weigh In: Week 4

So, it has been a month since the beginning of our Biggest Loser Competition! We weighed in on Friday, and even though some are still having a little bit of trouble, we are still pushing through! 203 more words