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I think I have a common problem with a lot of people. I want to be fit and I want to work out, but finding that hook to keep it going is hard as hell. 472 more words


Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Junkie

As many of you know, I currently work at a gym so I am constantly surrounded by people who take their health seriously. I spoke to a few trainers at my gym and these are a few items on their holiday wish list, this year. 480 more words

The #1 Phrase I'm Sick of Hearing

Fun fact about me: I’m a fitness junkie. Not just being active and eating right, but learning about fitness and nutrition. I spent half of college as a nutrition minor and loved it. 380 more words


Post Thanksgiving HIIT Workouts

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stuffed their face to no return, I know I did. After that fourth piece of pie we all start to feel that guilt and you start to think how much extra cardio must be done to have to do in order to work off that feast.  345 more words


Long Sunday

Day 29 – National Blog Posting Month

I miss my laptop. 😔 How utterly ridiculous is that?

After I finished the cleanup yesterday following the birthday party, I went to bed. 289 more words


It's Ab Day!

I’ve been doing this routine a couple days a week for a few months. It’s a hard one, but not hard enough that you can’t get through it! 425 more words