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An All Burpee Workout!

Workout for 5-18-2016

T-Shirt: Puddys Auto Repair

Music: Stars on 45

Today was not fun.

All we did was burpees.

325 of them.

Yep 325 burpees. 80 more words


Swim Technique 

Good read on improving swimming technique. I’m always open to learning more and more about swimming because it’s the most technically demanding aspect of truathlons. You can walk a 5k and anyone can real a bike but if you can’t swim properly your in trouble.

Swim Technique


Protein Powder

Protein powder is somewhat new territory for me. When I think of it, I would envision men with muscles drinking protein shakes to get more bulky! 406 more words

Healthy Food

Engage ya Abs

Is it me, or is a middle distance power walk harder than a run.
As I write this, my abs and obliques ache, from my concentrating on keeping them engaged, on a power walk. 59 more words


And chill

The next 16 days are all about Me, Louise and this little bundle of mischief Stella.
A fortnight’s staycation,  who knows what we’ll get up to, but it won’t be work. 127 more words

Fit 40 Plus

Ready or Not, Here Comes Summer

They say summer bodies are made in the winter.

Know what my body made this winter? A nice comfy spot on the couch where I read books and cuddled with my kid. 145 more words