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The Vegan Update

Back in the summer, I decided to try being vegan and for the most part, it stuck.

My friends did give me loads of shit at the time for it, but as someone who doesn’t like the taste or texture of meat, that side was super easy, The Captain even eats veggie in our evening meals now, for which i’m super grateful. 166 more words

Salvere Blog: What To Stay Instead

by Salvere Health and Fitness

In continuing the idea of changing the conversations, sometimes it might be hard knowing what to say instead. This week, we put together ideas on what to say instead of complementing someone on their external appearance/body, try these. 127 more words

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"Today was easily my favorite day ever."

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“Today was easily my favorite day ever. As I ran through all five boroughs of NYC I kept saying to myself “this is incredible!” The crowd and the course were so amazing. 8 more words


Post Race Hiatus

I have not run since the race in Indy at the start of November. I’ve been off a little over two weeks. I haven’t worn my Garmin every day. 597 more words


Workout 11/19/18 Weight: 199

Pulldown: 1×15, 1×10

Cable Crunch: 1×25

Back Extension: 1×25

Bench Press: 1×25

Close-grip Bench: 1×15

Leg Press: 1×25, 1×15

Plank: 1×2 minutes

Face Pull: 1×15… 17 more words

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'Why Do You Go Out So Much if You're A Fitness Professional?'

Of course, I understand where people are coming from when they ask this question. However, I think it’s all too easy to place fitness professionals on a (in my case, arguably somewhat precarious) pedestal. 574 more words