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Ab Exercise Equipment

Have you been in perfect shape for summer yet? Those bright days are just around the corner and everyone is out shopping for his or her bathing suits that are disclosing, hot. 439 more words

Fitness And Health

What I learned from Weight Training 

The only true way to grow muscles and develop strength is to train until you reach failure. Because if you train a specific set of muscle groups to the point where you fail, your body transmits messages to the brain; reporting that you were about to get in great danger by not being able to execute that final rep. 548 more words


Fitness: I'm Starting Over

I keep telling myself I will get fit and lose weight and find myself gaining weight over and over. I want to be held accountable so I will try posting daily on this blog with the fitness tag *so follow me!* I plan to update with what exercises I did that day, what I ate, what I bought, etc. 385 more words


What Women Weigh

The morning after the presidential election I had my regular quarterly checkup with my rheumatologist, a wonderful south Asian-Canadian woman who treats my Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was already reeling from exhaustion and sorrow and rage because, you know; then I remembered that I would have to get on the schmancy digital scale the nurses trot you past before taking your blood pressure and making you wait. 1,465 more words


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Happy Friday, everyone! Most of you know that I write monthly for Fit is a Feminist Issue; I don't always share that writing here, but today I will because this morning's post has a teaching and learning angle. It's about women, weight, and stigma, and it's gotten enough traction over at FFI and on Facebook that I'd like to capitalise (a little!) on it here, too. I hope especially that you'll share it with your daughters and sons, friends' children, and the young people in your classroom. Best weekend wishes! Kim


Improving your life is a transition,it takes lots of time and attention to get to your goal.People always want a great life but donot won’t to take risk.Everyone knows that there is no such thing as instant improvement. 270 more words

5 Ways To

5 Myths About Fitness and Exercise

There are many myths and misunderstandings about fitness and exercise. Some are innocent and some are downright dangerous. Let’s take a look at the truth behind some of the most popular myths. 544 more words

Fitness And Health

Yoga in a Chair

I had no idea that this yoga road was on my path called LIFE. The very first time I took a yoga class I loved it. 861 more words