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Dog Chronicles: Quinn and the Stubborn Apple

I had a rather lacklustre dinner yesterday night. Daddy-O-Sauraus wasn’t feeling too good, so mom made some plain traditional Chinese porridge for the family (much to my disdain, given there wasn’t a single meat dish in sight). 174 more words

What Do You Think?

Does Cinnamon Roll Casserole Fit In Your Macros?

Today was a perfect example of a serious struggle of fitting into my macros. To give you some background, some of my coworkers got together and decided to start a breakfast club. 317 more words


21 Day Challenge Week 3

Day 15 – I skipped today as my stomach really hurt and I felt nauseous. When I got home from work I curled up on my bed and went to sleep. 462 more words


Chewing the fat about what's making you fat

February 4, 2016

Now that we’re a month into a new year you are becoming more aware of what you it.  Hopefully you are aware and making positive changes.   197 more words

Day 2 of Dymatize Transformed

Well, I have just finished the Day 2 workout of Dymatize Transformed, and my butt and legs feel like JELL-O. It’s a good burn though. 76 more words

Dymatize Transformed: 12 Weeks To Your Best Self


I have a strange relationship with food. There are times when I want to binge eat for 3 days because it’s the weekend, and there are times when I eat clean for two weeks at a time. 790 more words


Yogi? Yogi in training? Yoga enthusiast?

When I was thinking of a title for this blog I decided to look up the word “yogi”. The first definition I came across said, “Someone who is proficient in yoga.” The next one I saw said, “A person who practices yoga”, “an adherent of Yoga Philosophy”, or “a markedly reflective or mystical person.” This gave me a lot to think about. 1,311 more words