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How to Create a Workout Routine

Working out, I know a lot of you probably don’t like it however I love it and I want you all to love it just as much as I do so I decided  I would give you all some tips to creating a workout routine and sticking to it. 500 more words


Dealing With Fear

Everyone has a fear of something; mine is exposing my nose underwater. I know how to swim but I’m not a water baby. I don’t like water in my face and whenever I get into water I won’t stay in it for very long. 828 more words


Stunt Work- Gymnastics

Last week my body didn’t feel 100% so I’ve welcomed this week all pumped up and ready to go! With stunt training there are categories you have to complete and for my Strength and Agility category I am learning gymnastics and rock climbing. 243 more words


Fitness Routine Collab with Alyssa from Lots of Lys

Happy Friday, I hope everyone had a great week ! Today is the last post of my collab with Alyssa from Lots of Lys. I had so much fun doing this and I hope to more again in the future. 91 more words


Nike Running Club

Happy Sunday Everyone ! Bright and early this morning, I got my butt out of bed to head to a Nike Running Club Event with my friend Kat and Alison ( … 233 more words


Only Tools Don't Exercise

Fitness has been pretty important to me since about 17 years old, at first it was the realization that I was (slowly) becoming an adult and with that I gained the ability to choose my diet and learn what different foods did and the benefit of them. 810 more words