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Why so HARD

I’m on my way to the gym and I can’t stop thinking about smoked chicken wings from Shane’s. (Sigh) What happened to me and why did this become such a chore. 129 more words

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Why You Need to be Tracking Your Fitness Goals

I’m like most of you. I tried before to go on a “health kick” and change my life around. It doesn’t sound too hard in theory, right? 726 more words

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Yoga Has Given Me a Huge Confidence Boost

Can I take a few minutes to brag about myself a little?

I could never do any kind of armstand before I started yoga. Never. I couldn’t even get the slightest hair off the ground. 578 more words

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How to Stay Fit When You're Sick! Ick!

Yup. It happened.

Merely days after I decided I was going to turn my life around and be healthier and more active, I got sick. 847 more words

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HIIT Training is the Worst

I. Hate. HIIT. Training.

There. I said it. So what, fitness buffs? Come and get me!

For anyone in the dark (please stay in the dark in order to save your soul), HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s kind of become one of those Instagram fitness fads. 582 more words

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TUTORIAL: How to Replace Samsung Health with the old S Health

If you’ve been using S Health for a while, you probably weren’t too thrilled when it updated and became Samsung Health, mainly because the new Samsung Health is virtually useless for keeping track of your meals or physical activity. 392 more words

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Day One with S Health

Day one of my fitness journey went well but of course, it’s only day one, so motivation is at an all-time high. I expect there to be ups and downs on this journey but getting off to a good start is always encouraging. 316 more words

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