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Only Tools Don't Exercise

Fitness has been pretty important to me since about 17 years old, at first it was the realization that I was (slowly) becoming an adult and with that I gained the ability to choose my diet and learn what different foods did and the benefit of them. 810 more words


1,200 Calores A Day-- While In A Coma

This image popped up on my screen yesterday and made me completely stop what I was doing. 1,200 calories is what is suggested Females eat if they are looking to keep within a healthy weight/BMI range but it clearly does not take into account a woman’s age, weight, height, activity level nor metabolic rate. 441 more words


The Little Dominican Eats: Carwash Donuts!

Remember my post on Underwest Donuts, the NYC donut shop that operates out of the side of a carwash? Well, on National Donut Day they rolled out the “Carwash Donut,” their version of a plain glazed donut. 196 more words


12 week Challenge - Day 9 - Rest Day and Food porn. You're welcome.

Today was rest day. I spent it watching movies with Mr Maybe and soaking in a bubble bath with a cheeky glass of red wine (I know! 150 more words


12 week Challenge - Day 8 - Cardio Day - Core workout and feeling lethargic

Today I did my Core workout again. It was pretty intense. Apart from the farting problem my only struggle with the Core cardio workout is how soundly the scissors, fire hydrants, planks and leg raises are kicking my arse. 312 more words


12 week Challenge - Day 7 - Rest Day

It’s the end of the first week of my 12 week challenge! Wheee! I feel incredibly self-congratulatory about this. Granted – it’s only been seven days (five of which I have actually been working out) but consistently sticking at the workouts and not letting myself get distracted by other demands has been a minor triumph for me.  619 more words


Hello Boston!

Hello! From Boston! …Ok, ok so actually hello from right outside of Boston. Waltham to be exact! I am visiting my best friend and her fiancée for the week. 359 more words