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HIIT Training is the Worst

I. Hate. HIIT. Training.

There. I said it. So what, fitness buffs? Come and get me!

For anyone in the dark (please stay in the dark in order to save your soul), HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s kind of become one of those Instagram fitness fads. 582 more words


TUTORIAL: How to Replace Samsung Health with the old S Health

If you’ve been using S Health for a while, you probably weren’t too thrilled when it updated and became Samsung Health, mainly because the new Samsung Health is virtually useless for keeping track of your meals or physical activity. 392 more words


Day One with S Health

Day one of my fitness journey went well but of course, it’s only day one, so motivation is at an all-time high. I expect there to be ups and downs on this journey but getting off to a good start is always encouraging. 316 more words


Marathon Training | Week 2 | Intuitive vs. Regimented Running

Joining the Marathon Club

Who knew signing up for a marathon could be so much fun? It’s like joining a club that means you immediately have something in common with even the most random of strangers. 398 more words


Just keep swimming...

Yeah I know I’ve used that title before but today I went swimming and I know to most people that’s nothing but for me that’s a lot because every time I go I get stupidly anxious and generally put it off, so I was proud. 174 more words


HIIT or miss?

In my personal fitness journey so far, although it hasn’t been long, I have tried many a fitness class and have a love/hate relationship with the gym. 108 more words


Why hello there...

Hey, My Name is Kacie and I’m a really bad runner.

At age 19 I expected a decent level of fitness but no my lungs hate running it seems. 52 more words