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The universe DOES have my back.

Trying to work two businesses at once is tough. One is my own; one is not. The business that is mine is amazing because it’s just that: … 640 more words

Fall ln love with taking care of yourself!

Each month I co-host a sneak peek into my life in a private group on Facebook where I share lot’s of info relating to what I do as a lifestyle trainer.  473 more words


Stay fit by putting a little Muscle behind Every Hustle!

Solid is the new Strong. Insist, that doesn’t generally mean anything, yet extending your quality and muscle tone has benefits in any period of your life that extend past basically having a-rockin’ shoreline body. 905 more words

Fitness Coach In Ahmedabad

Love Your Sweat

There are many times that I’m certain my words will get me fired from my job as a fitness coach. Taken out of context, some of the things I say to my clients would certainly raise some eyebrows. 476 more words

Fitness Motivation

4 years ago I was overweight – I wanted results and I had no idea where to start.

I debated joining the local gym… but I had no idea how to use any of the equipment, nor did I know how to put together a workout for myself. 556 more words

A Quick and Efficient Interval Workout

While I love distance running and have done a few marathons, I strongly believe that short, high intensity workouts can majorly boost fitness while saving you tons of time for others things on your to-do list. 518 more words


Pardon My Catharsis

I’m in the middle of a workout. To be more specific, I’m in the middle of my workout. As a member, client, class regular, friend, co-worker or otherwise, I hope that you won’t take it personally when I ignore you. 780 more words