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Know What You Want

Ponder this for a second – You go to a car dealership and don’t know what car you want or what your budget is. Pointless right? 335 more words

My Best Fitness Advice

In all my experiences in exercising and weight training, the #1 lesson I can offer is – Listen To Your Body.

Every year I aim to not get sick but how do you think that turns out? 281 more words

How Do I Start?

With fitness becoming more and more integrated in today’s society, there’s still a large portion of us who want to jump on the bandwagon but don’t know… 236 more words

Life After Lean

You’ve got a 6 pack. What now?

The answer is simple – Start your lean bulk. Gain size by working towards building lean muscle mass… 121 more words

My Fitness Secret Revealed

What I think is extremely important is the concept of visualisation.

This is the case particularly if you are aiming to transform your body… 192 more words

Fascia fitness to reduce back and injuries pain!

I’ve heard a lot about fascia fitness can this help me reduce my back and leg injuries from playing tennis and golf?

If you are fascinated with the role of fascia in fitness training to help reduce back and leg pain, the following questions lead to new information: 483 more words

Health And Fitness

Is exercise really importance for me I am pass my prime

Most people worry about their health status once they are past their prime. It is important to know that keeping the body active and healthy will go a long way in ensuring that you live a healthy and normal life. 471 more words

Health And Fitness