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Healthy Byte: New Year - Tough Love

NOTE: I don’t personally believe in coddling but I have to  admit that this article perhaps is a bit harsh in some instances. HOWEVER, I can also relate to many of the points so I thought it would be a good share. 1,254 more words

Healthy Byte

Cédric Lajoie JE - Qualities of Good Leader

Cédric Lajoie JE connects and brings you to fitness what motivates you personally, from hardcore training for athletes to a gentle and fun loving recreational. He is very creative and interactive which describes his leadership and team working capabilities. 208 more words

Cédric Lajoie JE

Raw and Real

On cloud 9 one day…. in bed ALL day with a migraine the next… that’s the nature of Lyme disease. It’s so unpredictable. If anything, this journey is teaching me to GO WITH THE FLOW and surrender, embrace the process. 648 more words


It’s been a long time since I have posted. But I’m still doing my fitness six days a week. I am in medical school and am on track to graduate a year early! 225 more words


Selecting A Personal Trainer


Personal Trainers

Just as nutrition and cardio exercise are important factors in losing fat, so is weight or resistance training. Its positive health benefits have made personal training a mainstream profession whose clientele is no longer just for the rich. 742 more words


What is my lactic threshold and how do I know when I’ve reach it

In the past, many athletes thought that the heart rate was the most important when it comes to performance. Then the news broke about the lactic threshold, and a new king was born. 495 more words

Health And Fitness

Fitness workout for you to feel soreness and fatigue.

Why active recovery helps to combat soreness and fatigue

After days or weeks of intense workout, it is normal for you to feel soreness and fatigue. 500 more words

Health And Fitness