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So, You Want To Be A #GIRLBOSS?

Shameless pitch time:

Okay, so you know how I go on and on (and on and on) about how Beachbody has changed my life?!  Well it has and it can change yours too.   145 more words

If It Doesn't Speak To You, Toss It

If you’re anything like me, you finish a book.  I don’t care how not into it I am, I’m going to finish that thing and then toss it in the trash.   766 more words

Ist ein Personal Trainer die letzte Chance fit zu werden?

Den Wunsch nach einem schlanken, gesunden und trainierten Körper haben wohl die meisten Menschen. Doch der Weg dahin ist oft steinig und von vielen Rückschlägen geprägt. 413 more words


Cooking taken to the next level

I have received my Fixate cook book.  I have already made 3 recipes, all of which were wonderful dishes.  These stuffed peppers though….these were our dinner last night and were scrumptious!   23 more words

Let Go

I got my nose in a book called, “The Art of Learning” by Josh Waitzkin.  For those you don’t know Waitzin is a world champion chess player, martial arts competitor and author.   404 more words


Protein and Fat Loss

I learned all about protein when I competed in my first bikini contest at The Cutler Classic a couple years back. Leading up to the show I was on diet intaking up to 271.75 grams of protein on a 120lb frame. 305 more words

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Fixate Cookbood is available now!

Enjoy the foods you love and STILL lose weight with perfectly portioned recipes from Autumn Calabrese.

21 Day Fix® creator Autumn Calabrese applies her simple color-coded container system for measuring precise portions to 101 of her favorite recipes to give you FIXATE™, a cookbook that takes a delicious approach to healthy weight loss. 105 more words

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