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A cheat meal gone wrong - IBS Struggles

You might of heard of the buzz word “cheat meal”. It’s a somewhat controversial meal where someone who eats a healthy diet will indulge in a “naughty” meal to boost their metabolism or simply ease their cravings. 1,058 more words


Orange Chocolate Protein Shake

Wholly Bajeezers! How have I not made one of these before?! That’s what you’ll 100% be saying after making one of these shakes! I know I sure did. 272 more words


My Calves Are Sore...

…from cooking. Yes, cooking.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the key issues missing from my training program is good nutrition. I’ve also discussed weight to power ratio, which basically means I need to get to an optimal amount of body fat so that the weight I need to force into the air contains the least amount of “dead” weight possible and the most amount of useful, or muscle, weight. 434 more words