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Falling into Fatness

As a basic millennial of the female type, I am under enormous pressure to enjoy Fall.

Yes, I’m white. Female. Twenty-something.  I understand well what my obligations are. 457 more words

Healthy Habits - I've Become Lazy

Guys, I’ve been terrible lately when it comes to writing my healthy habits blog posts and as a result, I’ve also been terrible with my healthy habits. 142 more words


FG - Stability Ball Pot Stirrers

Not all goals need to be big goals and big gains don’t always show themselves in big ways.  For me, being able to do stability ball pot stirrers is this kind of goal. 157 more words

Striving For 125

Finding Your Inner Athlete

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For many of you who read Canadian Dreams Un-Broken! – An Immigrants Voice you would have got a glimpse of the challenges faced by me as a child and as a person on my pursuit of the Canadian Dream. 1,576 more words


FG - RHR < 80

Until I started this journey, I had never really thought about my Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and what it means to my overall health.  When I did start thinking about it and tracking it, I was shocked and appalled that it seemed to be solidly in the high 90s.  71 more words

Striving For 125