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30 Day Challenge: Day 10 & 11

As I stated in my last blog, I’ve found myself stuck on the sheer number of situps that are required for me to do each day. 136 more words


8 Ways To Get Your Health Back on Track

Summer is the time when many of us (if you’re anything like me, at least) realize how little time we’ve spent in the gym all year. 671 more words


Time to slim down....some more

As a creature with a genetic disposition towards scientific analysis, it occur to me today that as I am tracking my progress to become a better hobbyist-artist, it would be silly not to track my progress towards my personal fitness hall of fame. 492 more words


Just Checking In

So yesterday I felt so awful and so sick. I was cooking my dinner and got so light headed and the extreme heat didn’t help either… I decided to soak in a cold bath and still felt weak and ill. 288 more words

Daily Fitness Journal

Upper Body Workout: Arms

Lately the only upper body workout I am doing is picking up my 30 lbs 2.5 year-old and carrying multiple grocery bags/backpacks at the same time! 152 more words

Physcial Activity

My Body Revolution...

To bring you all up to speed, over the course of three years I had managed to go from an unhealthy seventeen stone and slimmed down to a much more respectable weight of eleven stone seven pounds. 1,298 more words


AZSPORT Waist Trimmer Review

Let’s face it, losing weight has been the most daunting task everyone seems to struggle with. Getting fit is not as easy as wearing some waist belt to lose inches off your waist, you need to couple it with balanced diet and exercise. 207 more words