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Power and Mind Training

This site is dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding training which includes mind motivation. This blog will provide you with useful tips for training, nutrition and every day aspects for your fitness. 14 more words

Fitness Modelling

Picking a Plan

Here we go with day 2! Feeling good and actually a little peppy! I love having a plan and so I spent some time today looking for a workout plan that I felt was right for me.  358 more words

Weight Loss

Healthy Living | How To Stay In Shape Over The Holidays

Let’s be honest about it, no matter how hard we try to stick to our diet plans over Christmas, we always fail. While the holidays are one of the most special times of the year, if you’re a health addict, you may well be dreading them. 479 more words


Freeze Your Fat away!

Sometimes, how much you work hard or maintain your diet, you cannot appear to ditch stubborn fat. Therefore there is technique which is know coolsculpting… 265 more words

Weight Loss

Exercise helps to burn calories from the body. It not only  improves the physique however additionally enhances grace, balance and posture. It improves digestion by aiding the natural peristaltic method. 343 more words

Health + Fitness | Making Sure You Stick to Your New Workout Routine

Most people who start a new workout routine give up after a few weeks. How can you stop yourself falling into that trap?

Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon… 530 more words