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Why Strengthen Your Muscles?

Why Strengthen Your Muscles?

Is telling you that strengthening your muscles will make your heart strong, will improve your balance and posture, strengthen your bones no matter what your age, and help you lose weight all a bit too much? 350 more words

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Arms Day is the Way.

Below is the workout that I completed this morning for “Arms Day”. Although I don’t usually train bis and tris together, with a shortened workout week for me due to travelling, I put the two together.¬† 128 more words

6 Reasons to Lift Weights.

Muscular fitness encompasses a combination of both muscular endurance and muscular strength. Muscular endurance represents a muscle’s ability to resist fatigue and perform work for successive repetitions whilst muscular strength refers to the muscles ability to overcome resistance. 122 more words


What to expect when you're new to running

This post is dedicated to everyone starting to run or even just considering it, but especially dedicated to my Mom who I am so proud of! 484 more words

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Monitor Physical Activity with a Fitness Tracker

Presented by TP Mechanical | Provided by HORAN

Wearable technology fitness trackers are becoming more popular as people make an effort to lead active lifestyles. 106 more words

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Richard Corriere's Science Update: Get your !@// off the couch to reduce heart failure Ya think!

Richard Corriere’s Science Update: Get your !@// off the couch to reduce heart failure Ya think!

Sitting for long periods increases heart failure risk in men, even for those who exercise regularly, according to new research published in the American Heart Association journal  169 more words

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Today, after a year and a half of work work work, Fit and Nix – The diaries of the unfit was officially nominated for best blog at the 2016 running awards! 116 more words

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