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The benefits of running (or walking) without headphones. 

See the smile on my face? That’s because I got to say hello to so many friendly folks once again along my morning run, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 66 more words

Fitness Training

The Importance of Sports Massage Therapies for Athletes

Athletes are normally prone to injuries and proper supervision is required for them to be able to get back to their sports as soon as possible. 372 more words

Fitness Training

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Nitrro Wellness & Fitness Hub, Pune’s first premium fitness centre was launched at Kalyani Nagar recently


Like other metropolitan cities, Pune too is attracting a number of health and fitness centers. 563 more words

Eric T Burton - FAT Burning Cardio Workout

Eric T Burton is helping people to burn the excessive fat through the various fitness training programs. Eric T Burton give highly importance to daily diet and nutrition, here he is sharing a post on topic fat burning cardio workout: 32 more words

Eric T Burton

5 Reasons to Train with Resistance Bands.

    They essentially allow you to replicate cable -pulley movements at a fraction of the cost/ size/ accessibility etc. All you need to do is attach the band to a stationary object (or simply stand on it!) and pull to create resistance at the opposite end.
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Am I Ready?

“Am I ready?” that’s the question that I keep asking myself. “Ready for what?” you might ask. Am I ready for my first marathon? It’s amazing looking back just 9 months the longest runs that I was struggling with were about 15km, less than 10miles. 724 more words


Where I Eat: Simone McKenna

Simone McKenna | Age: 29 | Residence: Westerville |

Q: How often do you eat out a week?
A: Probably once a week, usually for dinner. 17 more words

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