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Dash diet

For a person with diabetes and hypertension, food habits should comply with dash diet.

Dash diet is not a diet that guarantees weight loss or disease reversal. 144 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Vegetables for healthy sugar levels

If you believe vegetables are carbohydrates, we agree. But if you are counting the starchy ones – potatoes, dried peas or dried beans – as vegetables, we beg to disagree!

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Fitness With Diabetes

Is walking enough exercise for type 2 diabetics?

Your trainer must have told you to look for step count everyday. With so many activity tracker apps and wearable, ppl these days are more active and want to count distance, calories burnt and all. 672 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Diabesity, a twin axe

Yes, that’s what is usually called as diabesity. In India, 85% of diabetics are obese/overweight. And 30% of obese/overweight are diabetic. So, you do the math, one has 3 in 10 chances of being diabetic if they are obese or have high thin fat. 193 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

How to plan a low glycemic response diet?

Glycemic index is a measure of the extent of glucose spike in the blood after eating a particular food.

People often confuse it with glycemic load, which is otherwise the extent of glucose load on the body. 422 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Fruit and nut - How much is good?

Nutritionists swear by fruits and nuts!

Probably you have heard it enough and want to enjoy them. Read ahead to know what, when and how much is good for you. 390 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Will diabetes medicine cause weight gain?

Yes. There is a class of diabetes medicine called as sulfonyureas. Like, insulin, they do cause weight gain in some individuals.

Glymepiride is a classic sulfonylurea. 307 more words

Fitness With Diabetes