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Home Remedies to Fight Diabetes

Treating diabetes is one thing and fighting it is another.  This article elaborates on the natural diabetes fighters we can rely on. Let me warn you before going ahead that, these fighters are definitely not a substitute to prescription medications. 810 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

White Versus Brown rice for Diabetes

‘Replacing white rice with brown rice reduces the risk of diabetes’, says a study.

Wonder how? Well, diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood glucose.  382 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

High Triglyceride and risk of Diabetes

What are triglycerides?

Triglycerides are the most abundant form of fat present in the blood. Mostly, this fat is obtained from the food we eat. In body, they are converted into glucose for energy. 488 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Understanding the Concept of Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in the body. Various foods provide different quantity and quality of carbs. These foods can have varying effects on the blood glucose levels as they are broken down into glucose at different rates. 486 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Brown or white, bread has high sugars

Carb metrics:

Glycemic index of whole wheat bread is very close to that of white bread (74 + 2 vs. 75 + 2). So, either gives you similar blood glucose trend. 152 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

Soak your almonds

Almonds are good in a good way. But there are ways it could go wrong! We are told to eat peels of fruits quite often. However, almond is an exception here. 216 more words

Fitness With Diabetes

A diabetic’s date(s) with sugars

Sugars are a plenty in variety and availability. Sugar cane products (sugar, jaggery), honey, dates, dry fruits and more.

Here, let us see what is best for a diabetic. 468 more words

Fitness With Diabetes