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A Stark Contrast

Like a lot of people, I have Timehop installed on my phone to rejig my memory of events that happened over the past few years. A couple of days ago this appeared: 708 more words


Lesson Learned

I figured this morning would be a tough run. I haven’t done a lot of back to back running and yesterday’s magic mile was fairly intense for me. 525 more words


Loch Ness Marathon - Part 3

In the weekend just gone, I was supposed to have run my longest training run, which I hoped would have been in the 30-32km range. I barely managed 20 km. 159 more words


Good morning world.

My name is Jessica.

I’m 22 years old and this is a chapter in my new life. My new life, to get healthy. My goals? To get to 60kg (130 pounds) by the end of 2016, maybe even before if I work hard enough and test myself to be better. 354 more words


Giorno 349 - Venerdì 4 Settembre

Salve a tutti!

Ieri non ho avuto tempo per aggiornare il blog. Al solito, son stata a casa a studiare e poi in palestra. Ho iniziato la nuova scheda di “tonificazione”: niente più cardio (solo 15 min iniziali di riscaldamento), addominali alti bassi e obliqui ad ogni sessione e poi una tabella per le cosce e una per le braccia, da alternare. 196 more words

Diario Alimentare

Flake it Off

What a world we live in. There are a whole lot of characters out there to meet. Personally, I’d love to have friends with all sorts of stories, backgrounds and interests. 311 more words


My First Injury

It has been a very long time since I actually wrote about running. You may have assumed that I had given up by this point, but, I am proud to admit, while my writing output has decreased, my capabilities as a runner have increased. 635 more words