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No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies | No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies: ingredients, directions, and a special tip from The Elf to make yummy Peanut Butter Chocolate No-Bake Bar Cookies. 15 more words

Fat Loss

What is okra water?how to make glowing skin by help of okra water?

Hello everyone one how r you?

Today I am going to sharing about the okra water and its benefits,and how can we make our skin glowing and flawless at home by do little efforts.. 131 more words


Do not add direct turmeric to milk; how to make immunity booster turmeric milk

Hello everyone immunity badhane ke liye ayurveda Mei haldi ke doodh ka Sevan karna bahut labhkari Mana gaya hai ,lekin hum mei se bahut se log isko galat tarike se banate hai ,isliye aaj Mei ye post karna chaha rahi hu ki haldi ka doodh kaise banaye Jo easily digestable ho ,gas ka problem bhi na or saath he saath cough ka bhi nash Kare.Iske liye sabse pehle ek ganj Mei 250 ml Matlab ek glass Pani le usme half table spoon haldi daale,2 inch lambi Dal chini ,10-15 daane kalimirch,daale or adha hone tak ubale,fir chhan le abb is Pani ko boil milk Mei daale, quantity is anusar rahegi yadi aapne 150 ml doodh liya hai to usme 50 ml haldi pani daalna hai.or gunguna peena hai,ye subha breakfast ke time ya raat ko sone ke pehle bhi liya ja sakta hai,lekin garmi ke dino mei raat ko lena avoid kare. 56 more words


There is a common misbelief that running is bad for your knees..@apaphysio

Aust. Physio Assoc.




There is a common misbelief that running is bad for your knees and may increase your risk of osteoarthritis (OA). 26 more words



Hey tribe! Welcome to our blog! You are officially recruited into the family. Shall we squeeze into a group hug? A bit closer….. there we go. 632 more words


Welcome To The Online Home Of Murican Whey Protein

Whey Protein | Welcome to the online home of Murican Whey Protein. We offer a wide variety of nutritional products for your bodybuilding, strength,fitness, figure, and health needs. 42 more words


Starting Aug 18: FIFI book club reads Real Happiness, by Sharon Saltzberg

At Fit is a Feminist Issue, we are all about exploring the ways movement expands our lives and reveals truths about ourselves. Also, we like writing about how fun it is, and how hard it is, and the ways the meaning of movement changes. 340 more words