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The prohibition of cannabis has left many of us unknowing of the facts and benefits of cannabis. I want to let you all know there is nothing to fear.  390 more words


I Came, I Saw, I Made it Awkward.

Recap: I received an awesome opportunity to work in a yoga studio once a week, and in turn I get paid via unlimited hot yoga! It is called the the Yoga For Trade (YFT) Program. 774 more words

Goal Digger

Plyometric Training


The off-season is the ideal time to build explosive power. Plyometrics are high-velocity dynamic exercises that force muscles to lengthen and contract repeatedly at top speeds; this causes neuromuscular adaptations to increase the rate of motor unit activation as well as prevent injury. 343 more words


Sustainability in Health and Fitness...

Summer has meant wait time between kids’ activities…today, I started thinking about sustainability in health and fitness.
Fitness became a passion during a very vulnerable time in my life. 153 more words


My Fitness Journey

Hey Beautiful,

For the last millennia (or so it seems), like many of you, I have been trying to “lose weight”

Over the last year, after finally deciding to actually do something about it, I joined the gym! 478 more words

What I Eat in a Day, Saturday

Hi, friends! This Saturday has been about catching up and prepping for the week ahead. Here’s what I ate today:

Setting up the day to flow in my favour. 147 more words