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Upside Down Pineapple Wrap...

Had run a few errands this morning, but didn’t feel like washing my hair yet. I stuffed the 8-10 braids I oiled into this upside down pineapple wrap and off I went!

Juice + Berry

'Are you beach body ready?': Body shaming advert attracts barrage of criticism

This advert pretty much sums up everything that I despise about how we treat and value women's bodies. pic.twitter.com/PBZNyn8qop

— Hannah Atkinson (@hatkinson_) April 12, 2015…

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Reflections on Marathon Training (Day 49 of 83)

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to head out to my hometown for my mother’s birthday after my Saturday 10K. Well, between getting my run in, making a quick grocery store stop, driving out to the burbs, eating way too much food and playing lawn games in the sun (and drinking a few beers), by the time Laura and I got home, we were exhausted. 245 more words

Fitness Tech!

Around Christmastime my mother and I decided together that we wanted to be more serious about our fitness. I’d seen a bunch of my entertainment friends with those fitness bands, and although I didn’t understand them (I’m always behind in the Times) I thought about if I needed one. 361 more words

I Picked A Show..

August 2nd, 2015. NPC Powerhouse Rochester.  14 weeks out.

I can not even begin to describe all the emotions I am feeling. Excited, nervous, happy, overwhelmed, scared, optimistic. 974 more words


Addressing Fear in a Yoga Class: Modifications

April 16th, 2015

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed.

One definition of fear is to be anxious about an unpleasant or painful event that you feel is likely to happen in the future. 830 more words


Bikram yoga: Beating injury blues and stretching my optic nerve

In an effort to keep my running injuries at bay and to find my inner coconut water drinking, yoga goddess who is long, lean and slim I have (re) started Bikram yoga. 423 more words

Bikram Yoga