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Smashing that personal best!

Today was just a killer affirmation of how far I’ve come!

From my run in the morning, shopping, and pole, everything was just on the way up. 972 more words


Stop With The Meal Replacements and Protein Powders

Everyday there is some new product on the market with the hands attempting to dig deep into your pockets with claims of being “healthy” and “nutritious”. 271 more words


When does this become addiction?

I’ve been taking pole classes for nearly three months now, and I really can’t get enough.
I’m doing three pole classes a week plus a stretch and flex class to work on flexibility and working towards doing the splits. 512 more words


A Pleasant Plateau

I think I have finally hit my weight loss plateau, which is fine. As I’ve said this journey has been about getting in shape and being fit, not so much about the numbers on the scale. 403 more words


WOD: Back & Triceps

As exhausted as I was yesterday into this morning, I still managed to drag myself out of bed for what turned out to be an awesome workout. 211 more words



Yesterday I became a member of a gym again. I may not look it in my gym selfie but I am ecstatic.  I’m not sure I would ever take a gym selfie in front of people (There was no one in that part of the gym). 336 more words


WOD: At Home Legs & Glutes (No Equipment)

There are times where waking up at 3:30 a.m. is just not feasible, especially after the weekend. On days like those I tend to do home exercises to avoid the crowd at my nearby gyms. 173 more words