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Weightlifting for ED Recovery

In fitness there are constant goals to be made, obstacles to defeat, and a feeling of being fully alive. That drive for surpassing my current personal records greatly improved my mental health. 322 more words

Mental Health

The 80/20 Diet

The world seems to have this skewed idea that each diet must be all or nothing, with little inbetween. It’s either all protein or no protein. 355 more words


Quitting Soda

There is literally nothing good about soda. No matter what excuses you have, there is no justification in it. Soda is pretty much diabetes in a can. 417 more words


BBG- week one

Okay y’all today marks the day! I grow up and listen to my own advice and take accountability.

Today marks week one of trying out the BBG app to get fit. 216 more words


CICO: Calories In/Calories Out

Weight loss isn’t rocket science. It is literally eating less calories than the body requires. The only part that is difficult is being consistent in maintaining a deficit, which is an issue in the head. 622 more words



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Healthy Mind = Healthy Life

Happy Sunday and first week of October! I am super excited because my favorite time of year is coming very quickly, and that the holidays are around the corner. 623 more words