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Postura #januaryobsession

How often do we think about our posture on a daily basis? It was not a New Year resolution and I was just learning more about how to work on my fitness level. 668 more words


De-stress: Run, bike Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail

I just received my Hike 100 Challenge pin in the mail.

The pins were sent to the more than 2,300 hikers who completed the Smokies Hike 100 Challenge in 2016 as part of the Centenniel Celebration of the National Park Service. 264 more words


Can I get a meal plan with that?

As a trainer/coach we learn about the basics of Nutrition.  We also know that with some certainty if you are ever going to get serious about reaching your goals that 75-80% of your efforts have to be focused on dialing in your nutrition.   647 more words

Early Morning Thoughts 

I started 2017 off with a goal to start working out, but I haven’t been to the gym once. I’m trying so hard to find motivation but it’s very difficult. 72 more words


It's Been A While...

Buenos noches, guys! I hope you guys have all been well and have kept occupied these past couple of weeks that I have been gone. I have been overwhelmed with work that I haven’t had a chance to log on and blog. 870 more words


How to Change Your Figure with One Gym Technique

The secret is consistently getting stronger. You have to make progress in order to continue getting results. Working hard everyday in the gym is how you sculpt your dream physique. 333 more words


What your training should look like

With hours on an ambulance sitting with your hips flexed and shoulders rolled forward, it is no secret that the risk of injury is high for shift workers such as EMS,fire and police is high. 329 more words