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Leg Day

Hi guys, I wanted to share this workout because I tried a new exercise I really liked. The single leg box squat was my new exercise I incorporated into my leg day and I must say it was a little difficult the first time. 206 more words


How To Wake Up Early/ Importance Of A Sleeping Routine/ Pre-Bedtime Routine/ Post-Bedtime Routine

Problems Being Tired And Sleeping In

Are you in a hurry every morning because you were sleeping in? Do you have to cut your breakfast short… 326 more words


Food is Only Different Types of Nourishment

“You are what you eat.” Those words are a fact.

The foods and drinks you consume impact you in several ways. They can cause you to gain or lose weight. 517 more words


Upper body Workout

So today I did an upper body workout that seriously left my arms shaking after haha. I’ve been really busy with school so for my upper body/ ab days I usually will do it at home because I don’t have time to make it to the gym. 115 more words


Booty Workout

Hey guys! I created another workout for you that targets your glutes, quads and hamstrings! I felt pumped today at the gym so I figured I would share this workout with you guys! 209 more words


Grand Canyon is 'grand' from South Rim

After my post about hiking in the Grand Canyon, several of my blog readers who haven’t visited the Grand Canyon asked me if a visit to the Grand Canyon would be so “grand” if they weren’t hikers. 436 more words


Why to Explore Different Types of Exercise

I am always going to have the attitude that weightlifting is a must for everyone, or at least that people should have one type of exercise they do religiously. 501 more words