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What I Eat In A Week // The Healthy Edition

Welcome to a rather long, food based post…

You may have seen in two of my recent Sunday posts that I’ve been spending quite a few days at the doctors and the hospital. 502 more words


Get Your Mind Right! 

If your in the gym and training hard, like most you have probably had that lift that just before you step up to the bar you think, “This is going to be really heavy.”  What tends to happen next is probably exactly what you thought was going to happen. 617 more words

How to get started #getfit

How do you get started? Getting straight to the point:

  •  Have a Goal

Ask yourself ‘why do you want to get fit?’ Make it as detailed as possible. 733 more words


What is Online Fitness Training?

So, I haven’t been asked this question but I feel the need to explain to those that are unsure of what exactly online personal training is and how/who it can benefit.   898 more words

My Nutribullet

I’ve had my Nutribullet for a couple of months now and I can definitely say that it has played a big part in my new found journey to being fit and health. 265 more words


Fitspiration Much?

Do you find yourself in need of someone to tell you to be active, to stop giving-in to your cravings, remind you to have enough water, push you to workout and basically get fit? 189 more words


Prague Week 1

💕July 9th – July 17th💕

✈️Day 1: The morning of my departure to Prague was both exciting and thrilling on one hand, yet I still had feelings of butterflies from all of the unknowns on the other. 1,389 more words