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Sticking with your Fitness Routine, Even on Vacation

Most people don’t book a room at a hotel based on if they have a fitness center or not, but it is definitely something I look for first. 671 more words


How to Be Motivated for Morning Workouts

I consider myself a pro at powering through morning workouts. For the past five years, I’ve managed to do only morning workouts — showing up at 5:50 am at the gym four to five times a week. 439 more words


Push Yourself…but not too hard.

First, I want to make one thing very clear: optimal health is a lifelong journey; it is not a race nor is it a competition with anyone but yourself. 548 more words


Why Women Should Lift Weights

I’ve seen many women look at lifting weights to only make you bulky and cause destruction to their body. Although this may be true in some cases, lifting weights has the ability to shape your body like no other. 1,074 more words


Addiction, Healthy Habits, and Happiness

Around my years of middle school I was addicted to playing video games, specifically, Call of Duty, day in and out I would play. I put unbelievable amounts of time into the game that I basically dedicated my life at the time to getting a better ranking and winning. 694 more words


Great News! You're Accountable for Your Weight

No one is ever entitled enough or an exception for being excused his or her actions. Everything has a consequence. The consequences may not be immediately apparent, or obviously positive or negative. 362 more words


Working Out in NYC

New York has every temptation when comes to food. There’s something on every corner. So it better have everything when it comes to burning all of it off…and it does! 926 more words