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A New Decorating Tip for Athletes...

I found a ton of these (most are from my high school glory days, and they still have dates and the times I ran written on them) and I was trying to figure out what to do with them! 49 more words



Have you ever taken a group photo where you snap the pic, everyone hovers around the screen to assess the image, someone veto’s the photo, it gets deleted, you have to retake, review the image, retake, review, retake…. 567 more words


March Goals

I want to keep my food healthy and clean! Simple! I don’t want to eat a lot of processed foods but I am not sure where this comes on how much. 243 more words

A Piece Of My Life

Review of February Goals

So as I want to work on my March goals, I need to review my February goals. See what I did good on and things I need to work on! 352 more words

A Piece Of My Life

“How-To” Stay Fit In College

 Story by Staff Writer Marisa Ahrendts

Staying healthy while you’re in college and not gaining that freshman 15 can be hard for most college students. Trying to manage everything is stressful when there are papers due, exams being taken, and maintaining an active social life. 778 more words


Ten Miles

Ive not done yet 10 miles in awhile (like July 20 was my last 10 miler though I had longer runs in there but after Oct 5th theres been nothing long). 53 more words


Youphoria Sport Towel Review - JAN/FEB


About this item


Youphoria Sport and Travel Towels give you everything you expect from a towel, and more! 545 more words