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Fixing the "American in me"

Since I moved to the US I’ve been struggling with my body weight. I got there with 124 pounds and in less than 3 month I’ve had gained 12 pounds.                                            384 more words

Thoughts (Mi Pensar)

Going Vegan: What Happened to Me

First of all, what is veganism? Veganism is not eating anything that comes from an animal. This includes meat, eggs, fish, or any type of dairy product. 606 more words


Spring here. Snow elsewhere.

It’s April, and it’s snowing. Snowing not just in Colorado and New England, but in Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

I wanted to post a reminder that Spring has arrived in some locations, including Gainesville — and surely will be reaching other parts of the country soon. 105 more words


Home Grown

INDIA – The king of all tropical countries. Also, the country where most people – kids too – have a protruding belly.

A belly enough to rebound anything that crashes against it e.g : a car. 687 more words


How to Embody Wellness

Wellness is one of the keys to success and to sculpting your dream life. Therefore, it would make sense to want to become the living embodiment of wellness. 1,249 more words


Heart Harp

What is creativity? Or rather should I bluntly ask – if there’s anyone listening & willing to act on it – where is creativity?

Not in the newspapers definitely. 230 more words


I Build Myself

“Why are you up so early?” she groaned. “Its 5.10. Go to sleep, Tanveer. It’s Sunday!” she said.

My girl in pyjamas is purring like a cat about our routine – Sundays are for book readings & some discussions, catching up on some new movie released, trying out new food or clothes at some mall or just going out for long drives where we chit chat or croon songs. 821 more words