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You Are More Than A Number

Recently, I have seen a lot of hate on social media. Guys commenting on a girl’s post “Ew,” “You’re a whale,” “No one would ever want that,” “My eyes are burning.” Girls screenshotting pictures and sending them in group messages to hate on the girl that posted it. 337 more words


How the Gym is Like Real Life

  1. People refuse to work hard.  A lot of people dink around for an absurd amount of time in the gym. They use light dumbbells, machines, and resistance bands for over an hour, then consider it good for the day.
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Self Reflection

With the holiday season coming up, I find myself to be reflecting on what has changed in the past year, including myself. I believe that it is important for everyone to take some time and reflect on accomplishments and self-growth over a period of time. 269 more words


Meeting Fitness Goals

I will say that fitness is a lifetime journey that is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Instant gratification makes you happy for about three days, but the process of achieving your dreams is satisfying. 494 more words


Fitness tips for women

Stick to It for 2 Weeks

If motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every 14 days. A University of Florida study discovered that people who modified their workouts twice a month were more likely than to stick to their plans compared to those who changed their regimens whenever they wanted to. 4,264 more words

Importance of Progressive Overload

I have wasted far too much too much time in my life being unknowingly stuck in a routine with weightlifting. When not paying attention, or going through a rough time mentally, it is easy to monotonously go through the motions of the exercise for a few weeks a time. 432 more words


FH #1 

FH. Fitness and Health. I’ve noticed that in order for me to get in shape it can’t be just working out. It has to be learning how to live a more healthy lifestyle. 152 more words