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Weekly Work Outs

I already posted about the apps that I use on a daily basis, and now I would like to talk about the workout plan that I am doing. 97 more words


Staying Active and Eating Healthy

I have been to find the perfect workout routine to fit my schedule for quite a while and have failed over and over again. I do keep track of my calorie intake, but I wanted to have that extra push. 674 more words


Week 5: Good Choice

Every day¬†should be¬†about making good choices. We’re all human, and sure, we may indulge ourselves every once and a while, but I’ve found that I actually enjoy myself more when I indulge in moderation. 317 more words


Week 4: Autopilot

Some people swear by schedules and fixed routines. Others can’t stand the predictability schedules and routines entail, but I must say I enjoy knowing what I’ll be doing every hour of the day (more or less). 409 more words


Fuel Your Friday

Happy Fri-Yay! This sunshine filled Friday afternoon has me in the best mood. Or perhaps it’s from the two workout’s I’ve already done today. Remember, Elle from Legally Blonde told us that exercise makes us happy. 824 more words


Week 2: Nutrition, Not Diets

Happy Monday everyone! I hope nobody cheated too much over the weekend! I’m talking about meal-wise, not infidelity. Anyways, I decided not to track MyFitnessPal over the weekend, to give myself a much needed break. 496 more words


Day4: MyFitnessPal

Day 4, Legs, 1827/2350 calories

Well I was under my calorie goal for today. But I consider that to be better than overeating. My sodium intake is much higher than I expected so I’ll definitely be trying to cut back on salt. 8 more words