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CALA’s app fits designer clothing to your body using iPhone photos

 A new startup called CALA aims to make it easier for new designers to break into the fashion business by offering everything needed to run their e-commerce operations – from production to delivery. 45 more words

Shrug it Off!!!

Remember that time when you wanted to put on the pretty blue thing you picked up the other day, with the sequin neckline? But of course, it was sleeveless and you didn’t have the time to hit the parlour. 336 more words



March 22nd 2016, Neurology Appointment 11:15am-

It started off like any other day, my girlfriend and I had taken the morning off work to attend my appointment together. 995 more words


From The Beginning:

I began dating my girlfriend on the 24th December 2015, and at this time I was seizure free, and a blissfully unaware epileptic.

Fast forward to a mere 6 days in the future, 30th December 2015; the day of my first ever seizure. 543 more words


Epilepsy In Pets

Epilepsy is the general term for a disorder of the neurological system (which involves the brain, spinal cord and/or nerves) that may cause an animal to have sudden, uncontrolled and often recurring seizures (fits), with or without loss of consciousness; they may also show abnormal behaviours such as air-snapping/fly-biting, excessive vocalisation, aggression without provocation, restlessness or fixed staring. 1,597 more words