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I need to give myself perspective I guess.

To be completely honest, I fell way off the healthy eating wagon. I slammed my head into the wheel on the way down. 150 more words


Self Confidence and the Effects of Social Media

This post was something I had always planned on writing as soon as I created this blog, but I was keen to take my time writing it as its a topic which needs be spoken about with tact and sensitivity. 642 more words


Granny Turns The Big 9-0!

This weekend we celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday with family and close friends. It’s amazing that she’s 90, you would never guess it!

We went out to dinner at Court House Grille in Plymouth. 177 more words


My Go-To HIIT Workout

For the longest time, I was scared of HIIT workouts. I can’t remember exactly what made me scared of them, but (for some very obscure reason) I was terrified of HIIT workouts. 627 more words


Gym Workouts vs Home Workouts

In January 2017, when I started this journey I decided that the gym was the way to go.  As the year quickly progressed, life got more and more hectic. 582 more words


My BBG Journey so far (weeks 1-3)

Why I started & my week one experience

I downloaded Kayla’s Sweat app three weeks ago. Stereotypically I felt sluggish after Christmas and I had fallen of the exercise treadmill (not literally) for quite a while and struggled to find the willpower and routine that I craved. 924 more words


Weekly Workouts 1/15-1/21

My main workout goal is to get stronger, so my training program reflects that. I’m on a progressive overload program that Jon formulated for me. Progressive overload is when you continue to increase the stress on the body over time. 272 more words