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Lune Croissanterie - Fitzroy (VIC)

Jurisdiction: Bakery

Outcome: Majority Verdict

Salient features: Almond croissant

Case Note: Lune is the stuff of legends. I’d heard of it even before I’d arrived back in Australia – queues snaking around the block at 5am in the thick of winter, sold out by 9am – with expectations so high, surely it could only disappoint? 142 more words

Food Adventures (aus)


Being in a different city is always fun and although there wasn’t time to go exploring when we were in Melbourne last month for the… 80 more words


Breizoz French Creperie

The owners, Jean-Marie Blanchot and Catherine Ryan first opened Breizoz French Creperie on Smith Street, Fitzroy in 1999.
They brought the authentic French Crêpes recipes to Melbourne. 308 more words


The engineer and the nurse

Dad was visiting in town and despite the forecasted bad weather, we headed to Faraday’s cage, a cafe in Fitzroy Fran had tried a few weeks back that she had been raving about.  480 more words


No biggie

Being a huge fan of San Telmo, I was very excited to try ‘CHE’. We headed there on another one of our Friday night expeditions.  298 more words


My two cents (which I'm not giving to a cab driver)

Yeah, so I know every Melburnian has an opinion about this and opinions are like arseholes cos everyone has one, but only I have the edit rights to this blog so – stuff it. 684 more words

A Dangerous Game of Billiards

Today I’d like to share with you an account I found of a 1798 billiard game that went horribly wrong.

This was a case that attracted a lot of attention at the time. 326 more words

Regency Life